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Nhà nghỉ Surelee Sa Pa

Ban Pho Hamlet, Hau Thao Commune, Sapa, Lao Cai, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Surelee Homestay, nestled in the picturesque town of Sa Pa, welcomes you with its lush garden, captivating river views, and a chic, trendy atmosphere. This idyllic retreat, located a mere 14 km from the renowned Fansipan Legend Cable Car Station, offers an unparalleled experience.

Arriving at Surelee Homestay, you will be greeted by a serene patio and ample free private parking. The accommodations are designed to provide utmost comfort and style. The units boast magnificent mountain vistas and are thoughtfully furnished with a cozy seating area, a convenient washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen featuring a fridge. The shared bathrooms are adorned with plush slippers and a hair dryer for your convenience.

Each unit is equipped with a safety deposit box, ensuring your peace of mind during your stay. Some rooms offer the added luxury of a balcony, while others provide breathtaking views of the nearby lake. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and unwind in your sanctuary. Bed linen and towels are provided in all units, guaranteeing a restful night's sleep.

Indulge your taste buds at the on-site family-friendly restaurant, where culinary delights await. Open for dinner, lunch, brunch, and high tea, this gastronomic haven promises to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

For those traveling with little ones, Surelee Homestay is equipped with a baby safety gate, ensuring a worry-free stay for families. Additionally, the outdoor fireplace provides the perfect setting to relax and unwind, enveloped by the soothing ambiance of the surroundings.

Explore the wonders of Sa Pa during your stay. Sa Pa Lake, a serene oasis located just 9.2 km away, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. The iconic Sa Pa Stone Church, a historical landmark, is a mere 8.7 km from the property. And when it's time to depart, the nearest airport, Wenshan Puzhehei Airport, awaits, just 229 km away.

At Surelee Homestay, every moment is crafted with care, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Let us be your gateway to the beauty of Sa Pa, where nature's splendor meets trendy sophistication.

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Loại phòng

1 extra-large double beds & 1 large double beds

1 single beds

1 large double beds

1 large double beds

1 extra-large double beds

1 extra-large double beds & 1 large double beds

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928 Đánh giá
Nhân viên9.6
Dịch vụ8.5
Sạch sẽ8.9
Tiện nghi8.9
Giá trị9.6
Vị trí8.9
Bữa sáng9
Wifi miễn phí9.5
Wifi trả phí6.3

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Ban Pho Hamlet, Hau Thao Commune, Sapa, Lao Cai, Sa Pa, Vietnam

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Xuất sắc
928 Đánh giá
9 /10
Great place out of town. Clean rooms, good food, friendly host, options to do trekking, all you need for a great stay in SaPa Prices are a little bit high for food and drinks compared to rest of Vietnam. Still very affordable so should not be a reason to not go here!
10 /10
Surelee was super kind and let us do the check-in at 4am in the morning: she was always extremely nice being there for whatever we needed. The room is comfortable and the view amazing. My morning pho was super good and the coffe, too. We strongly suggest this place!
10 /10
So beautiful and the family take such good care of you they are so so lovely Access is a bit difficult so bear that in mind if you are arriving at night
10 /10
Great place to start trekking trips We participated in the mountain trek organized by them and it was absolutely wonderful, far exceeding our expectations 300% participation is recommended. Delicious food, beautiful scenery among terraced fields, super friendly and helpful staff The house is run by the local H'mong family here
8 /10
- the host and her family are so sweet and try to make the stay as good as possible - the family dinner was amazing - they have a lot of activities (even for rainy weather) - if it is cold, there is only fire in the common area and the rooms stay cold
10 /10
Beautiful scenery, beautiful family, 10/10 food, comfy cozy beds!! My favourite accommodation in all of my trip
10 /10
We had an amazing stay at Surelee’s!! She is so welcoming and friendly. The family dinner was delicious and we enjoyed our guided trek. She even went to special effort to cook an early breakfast at 6:30 for us before our taxi and gave us free bracelets. Thank you so much 😃 The room was on the small side but still comfortable.
8 /10
We enjoyed staying with Surelee and her family. A local authentic experience where the children are playing while the adults are cooking and helping the guests. Great service and the best food we had in Northern Vietnam! It was a bit difficult to reach the homestay with luggage, so a backpack is recommend. We arrived in January and it was cold with no heat in the house. However, you can take a warm shower and the thick blanket will keep you warm.
8 /10
We loved the views and the staff was great 😃 my friend is celiac and they adapted the family dinner so she would be included. Everyone was very welcoming and always tried to offer us help. The food and activities were great as well. The hill to go to the homestay was tricky after a long ride and in the middle of the night. If you are a traveller with mobility issues it could be complicated. If you go in winter take thick and warm clothes because it gets cold in the area. The blankets are super good but it's good for the outside area after the sun goes down.
10 /10
Surelee her sister was there and she was the kindest woman. Everything you want to have is there, they have good tours and good food for a normal amount of money