Binh Thuan - Exploring the Great Outdoors

Dec 29·2 min read

Binh Thuan Province is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of adventures amidst breathtaking landscapes. The region boasts endless stretches of pristine white sand beaches with a myriad of water-based activities. Additionally, there are biking and hiking trails, camping spots, enchanting waterfalls, serene streams, and majestic sand dunes, providing all the elements for an epic outdoor escapade.

For those seeking an alternative to luxurious resort scenes, opting for a tactile back-to-nature experience, camping on one of Binh Thuan's renowned beaches is a compelling choice. Here are a few options:

  • Coco Beach Camp (Lagi): A popular and trendy spot, offering varied camping options from tents to beach huts and small wooden houses. Activities range from parasailing, diving, and fishing to beachside yoga and sports like volleyball and soccer.
  • Son My Beach (Lagi): A laid-back alternative to Coco Beach, Son My Beach features a sprawling white sand beach surrounded by palm trees. Campers can pitch tents right on the beach or opt for small wooden A-Frame bungalows, creating a festive atmosphere with campfires, sing-alongs, and barefoot dancing.
  • Lu Glamping (Ke Ga Beach): A recent addition to Binh Thuan's beach camping scene, located 33km from Phan Thiet. Lu Glamping offers modern honeycombed modules for a unique beach lodging experience, or you can choose the traditional route with tents or containers.

While Binh Thuan's beaches offer a plethora of water-based activities like surfing, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, paddle and kiteboarding, the province has much more to offer outdoor enthusiasts. Lakes such as Ham Thuan and Da Mi, along with La Ngau Stream, provide opportunities for boating and fishing.


Explore forests, jungles, mountains, and enjoy breathtaking vistas. Engage in coffee plantation visits and discover orchards laden with exotic tropical fruits. Slide down lunar-esque red sand dunes and immerse yourself in the cultural traditions of local ethnic groups.

Hiking options abound, with trails like Ho Tien near Tanh Linh District, Ta Cu Mountain hosting the famous reclining Buddha statue, and Fairy Creek Falls near Phan Thiet, offering easy walks through sandy creek-beds leading to picturesque waterfalls.

For those born to be wild, the Binh Thuan Loop is a 340-km roundtrip motorbike adventure starting in Mui Ne. The loop takes you through fruit plantations, rice fields, mud-hut villages, Cham farmer communities, famous coffee plantations in the Central Highlands, and natural wonders like Dambri Waterfall and Bao Loc Pass.

Binh Thuan Province offers the best of all worlds – from beach to mountain, from water sports to dry land adventures.

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