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Nestled in the heart of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho is a city that embodies the essence of southern Vietnam's vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and the indomitable spirit of its people. Known as the "rice basket" of Vietnam, Can Tho is not just an agricultural powerhouse but also a burgeoning tourist destination that offers a blend of serene natural beauty, historical richness, and culinary delights. This article invites travelers to explore Can Tho, revealing why it's a must-visit for anyone seeking an authentic Vietnamese experience.

The Cultural Tapestry of Can Tho

Can Tho's charm lies in its diverse cultural fabric, woven through centuries of history. The city is a melting pot of various ethnic groups, including the Kinh, Hoa, Khmer, and Cham peoples, each adding their unique traditions and festivals to the city's cultural calendar.

The Lunar New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan), the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Khmer Chol Chnam Thmay are celebrated with great enthusiasm, providing travelers with a glimpse into the local customs and traditions.

Floating Markets: A Unique Can Tho Experience

No visit to Can Tho is complete without exploring its iconic floating markets. Cai Rang and Phong Dien floating markets are the most famous, offering a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and smells. These markets open before dawn and are bustling with activity as hundreds of boats laden with fruits, vegetables, and household goods converge on the river.

The floating markets are not just places for commerce; they are vibrant social hubs where people share news, catch up with friends, and enjoy traditional Vietnamese breakfasts from boat vendors. It's a captivating experience that encapsulates the spirit of the Mekong Delta.

Natural Wonders and Scenic Beauty

Can Tho is blessed with a rich tapestry of natural landscapes, from lush riverbanks to verdant rice paddies stretching into the horizon. A boat ride along the intricate network of canals and rivers reveals the stunning beauty of the delta, with opportunities to visit fruit orchards, traditional noodle factories, and bird sanctuaries. The Ong Pagoda, Binh Thuy Ancient House, and Can Tho Bridge offer glimpses into the architectural diversity and historical layers that define the city.

Culinary Delights

Vietnamese cuisine is renowned worldwide for its flavors and diversity, and Can Tho is a gastronomic paradise. The city's food scene is a reflection of its cultural mosaic, with dishes that blend local ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Must-try dishes include "Bun Ca" (fish noodle soup), "Banh Xeo" (Vietnamese pancake), and "Hu Tieu" (a type of noodle soup). The abundance of fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables ensures that every meal is an adventure in taste.

Why Visit Can Tho?

  • Cultural Richness: Experience the blend of cultures with festivals, traditional crafts, and bustling markets.

  • Natural Beauty: From lush landscapes to serene waterways, Can Tho is a paradise for nature lovers.

  • Culinary Adventures: Dive into the flavors of Vietnam with Can Tho's diverse and delicious cuisine.

Top Attractions in Can Tho

Floating Markets

  • Cai Rang Floating Market: The largest in the Mekong Delta, known for its vibrant trade and local specialties.

  • Phong Dien Floating Market: Offers a more intimate experience with fewer tourists and more authentic encounters.

Historical Sites

  • Binh Thuy Ancient House: A well-preserved 19th-century home showcasing French colonial architecture.

  • Ong Pagoda: A testament to Can Tho's Chinese heritage, this colorful temple is rich in history and art.

Natural Escapes

  • Can Tho River: Take a boat tour to explore the life along this vital waterway.

  • Bang Lang Stork Garden: A haven for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

Can Tho is a city that stays with you long after you've left. Its warm people, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes make it an unforgettable destination. For travelers seeking an authentic Vietnamese experience away from the bustling cities, Can Tho offers a serene and enriching retreat.

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Cheapest time to stay in Can Tho

In January, November, October you can stay in Can Tho for an average price of US$22 per night


What to know before visiting Can Tho

Research weather, respect local customs, pack essentials, and embrace new flavors for a fulfilling travel experience.


Can Tho is a convergence of cultural experiences, breathtaking landscapes and delicious cuisine. This guide aims to equip visitors with all the information needed to explore this charming city. Whether this is your first visit or you return to delve deeper into its charms, Can Tho promises an adventure that is both enriching and unforgettable.

Food must-try food

  • Banh Xeo: Rich broth with fresh fish and herbs.
  • Banh Xeo (Banh Xeo) Vietnamese pancake): Crispy pancakes filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts.
  • Hu tieu: A versatile noodle dish that can be enjoyed in many different ways .

Best Places to Eat

  • Lau Mam Nen: Famous for Hot Pot.
  • Cali Breakfast: The go-to place for breakfast and brunch.

Engage with the local community

  • Participate in cooking classes and craft workshops.
  • Stay in eco-friendly accommodation or homestays to support Support local businesses.

Conservation efforts

  • Visit nature reserves and get involved eco-tours.
  • Practice responsible travel by minimizing your impact on the environment.

When to visit

  • High season: December to April, for the best weather and exciting festivals.
  • Low season: May to November, where crowds are fewer and the landscape is lush.

Moving around

By air: Can Tho International Airport connects to major cities.By road: Service Bus and car rental services from Ho Chi Minh City provide scenic routes to Can Tho

Accommodation options

From luxury riverside resorts to cozy homestays in the countryside, Can Tho caters to every taste and budget. Book in advance during peak season to ensure the best deals.

What guests said about hotels in Can Tho

AlisonUnited Kingdom

Young couple

Can Tho Ecolodge totally exceeded our expectations. Huge room in very attractive, quiet setting with lovely gardens and pool area. Slightly out of town which suited us well for the peace and quiet. We ate in. Very attentive staff in the reception area and restaurant. Delicious breakfast buffet with a chef cooking eggs and omelettes at a table in the dining area to order. We thoroughly enjoyed the hotel tour to the floating market and other local sights. Vincent our guide was superb. We enjoyed sitting around the pool in the afternoons.


Family with young children

Superfriendly staff, helped us out before arrival to sort out daytrips to the floating market, and the Mekong Delta from the homestay. Nice scenic terrace overlooking a small river and with a small jetty so that one can aboard a boat to visit the floating markets. Food menu is brilliant, and while the homestay is in quite a remote location, it is not necessary to take a taxi ride for dinner into Can Tho town, as their kitchen will prepare you a truly sumptuous Vietnamese meal from their menu.

MagoonUnited Kingdom

Young couple

We really enjoyed our stay here. I booked on the occasion of the holiday but the hotel did not increase the price. Compared to the space here, I think it is very cheap here. The staff and innkeepers are very friendly and always help. The accommodation is also quite comfortable, the bed is soft, there is a wardrobe, a refrigerator and toiletries. The hotel is located right in the center, so it is convenient to stay here, not having to move much. 10 points!

Merel Renske
Merel RenskeNetherlands

Young couple

It was located close to the center of Can Tho, but away from the busy city in beautiful nature surroundings. There was a swimming pool to cool down and when we arrived late the evening, they cooked a delicious dinner for us. Also taxis, tours and other facilities they offered were great!! Our favorite stay in Vietnam so far! We definitely recommend it to others.

JulieUnited States

Family with young children

Great base for exploring the fascinating Mekong Delta and immersing yourself in the experience. The rustic bungalows may lack some creature comforts vs hotel (you have to be OK with bugs and animals), it actually enhances the experience. Good, simple food and beautiful seeing. Staff is so friendly!


Solo traveller

The staff is terrific and very chatty. You'll get to know everything there's to know about Can Tho and also about Vietnam. On-site motorbike rental available. The room had everything I needed and was super clean and comfy. Bonus point: I could shower after checkout before taking the bus!!

Tấn HàoSouth Korea

Solo traveller

The breakfast was very nice with various types of Vietnam Southwest local foods. The staff were extremely friendly. The hotel is located at the city center, which is convenient for you to travel around, especially for sightseeing at the Ninh Kieu River Park.


Young couple

staff is super cute and helpful (fluent english) better service than in all 3+ star hotels we had in vietnam! clean room and bathroom, interior is pretty new and stylish, there is nothing more you need. highly recommended for a stay in can tho!

SuzyUnited Kingdom

Young couple

'Chow' & the staff!!!! They were all so lovely, warm & helpful (especially with the bikes and travelling on into Cambodia) Loved the hot & cold water instantly available in the kitchen, our balcony, the cleanliness & the vibe of the hotel.


Family with young children

The hotel is very good for the stay in Can Tho. The staff was very friendly, In special thanks to Tam who kept an eye on us throughout our stay and made it a few days that we will always remember. once again thank you very much


Solo traveller

Nam Bo boutique Hotel is a very charming place in the heart of Can Tho, facing the Bassat. Amazing staff, perfect location , a place when you feel like home with a cozy beautiful design.


Young couple

very very happy with the stay. Hotel is clean Fresh and smell good. close to everything. Hotel management - please continue keep your facility like this. people will come back


Family with young children

Spacious, modern rooms. Staff is super friendly and helpful! We had a lovely half day tour to the floating market booked through the hotel. Location is central.


Young couple

Close to the Centre of the city. We chose this hotel because it was recommended to us by the tour company we took to get to Can Tho.


Family with young children

The hotel is fresh and clean and is located central. The staff is so kind and willing to accomodate you for what ever you need


Young couple

A lovely hotel, nicest of our 3 weeks. Great location easy stroll down to town.


Family with young children

New hotel, location was also great. Close to super market and also night market

ThaoUnited States

Family with young children

Great time at ttc, everyone is nice, hotel clean and super convenience location


Young couple

We liked everything about this hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpful.


Solo traveller

A new hotel with beautiful room and nice staff.

FAQs about hotels in Can Tho

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