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Vietnam, a land of captivating landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, is not unfamiliar with travelers seeking authentic experiences. Amidst the well-known destinations, Đồng Hới emerges as a hidden gem, inviting adventurers to discover its unique charm. Nestled in the Quảng Bình Province, this city, often overlooked, unfolds a treasure trove of wonders for the discerning traveler.

A Glimpse into Đồng Hới's Heritage

Đồng Hới, the capital of Quảng Bình, holds a significant place in Vietnam's history. Steeped in tales from the war-torn era, the city's resilience is palpable.

The remnants of the historical Đồng Hới Citadel stand as silent witnesses to a bygone era, with its imposing walls telling stories of a city that has weathered storms.

Natural Marvels

Beyond its historical significance, Đồng Hới is a gateway to some of the world's most awe-inspiring natural wonders. The UNESCO-listed Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park, just a stone's throw away, is a playground for spelunking enthusiasts.

The intricate karst landscapes and the mesmerizing Phong Nha Cave make this region a paradise for those craving nature's grandeur.

Beneath the Earth

For the intrepid souls, the exploration of the park's numerous caves is an unparalleled adventure. The colossal Son Doong Cave, the largest cave system in the world, beckons those seeking an otherworldly experience.

Thien Duong (Paradise) Cave, with its enchanting stalactites and stalagmites, adds to the allure of Đồng Hới as a caving destination.

Serenity by the Sea

As the limestone karsts give way to the pristine coastline, Nhat Le Beach emerges as a tranquil retreat. The golden sands and the azure waters offer a respite from the bustling city life. Whether it's a leisurely stroll along the shore or a dip in the gentle waves, Nhat Le Beach encapsulates the serene side of Đồng Hới.

Gastronomic Delights

No exploration is complete without savoring the local flavors. Đồng Hới presents a culinary tableau that reflects the region's diverse influences.

From delectable seafood freshly caught from the nearby waters to local specialties like Banh Xeo (Vietnamese savory pancakes), every bite is a journey into the heart of Vietnamese gastronomy.

Embracing Local Culture

Immersing yourself in Đồng Hới's local culture unveils a tapestry of festivals and traditions. The vibrant Dong Hoi Lantern Festival, with its colorful displays and cultural performances, showcases the city's celebratory spirit. Engaging with the locals during traditional events provides a deeper understanding of the community's warmth and hospitality.

Tranquil Riverside Moments

The Nhật Lệ River gracefully meanders through the heart of Đồng Hới, offering serene moments by its banks. A leisurely boat ride unveils the city's beauty from a different perspective. As the sun sets, casting a warm glow on the river, the tranquility becomes a testament to the city's unhurried pace of life.

Unveiling Đồng Hới's Secrets

In the tapestry of Vietnam's destinations, Đồng Hới stands as an unassuming masterpiece. From its historical echoes to the breathtaking natural wonders, this city beckons travelers to peel back its layers and uncover its secrets.

Whether you're an adventurer seeking the thrill of exploration or a soul in search of serenity, Đồng Hới, with its multifaceted allure, promises an unforgettable sojourn.

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What to know before visiting Dong Hoi

Research weather, respect local customs, pack essentials, and embrace new flavors for a fulfilling travel experience.


Practical Tips for the Traveler

  1. Ideal Time to Visit: Đồng Hới experiences a tropical climate. The months from February to August are considered ideal for pleasant weather and outdoor activities.
  2. Local Etiquette: Embrace the local customs and traditions. A simple greeting in Vietnamese (Xin chào) can go a long way in fostering connections.
  3. Transportation: Navigating Đồng Hới is convenient with taxis and cyclos (cycle rickshaws). Renting a motorbike allows for more independent exploration.
  4. Cave Exploration: Plan cave explorations with reputable tour operators who prioritize safety. Certain caves have limited access, so advance booking is recommended.
  5. Beach Essentials: If Nhat Le Beach beckons, pack essentials like sunscreen, a hat, and a good book for a leisurely day by the sea.

What guests said about hotels in Dong Hoi


Young couple

The hotel is amazing: the room is great with a fantastic view of the seaside and they welcome you with a delicious cake inside when you arrive. The food is delicious and very well presented. The staff is very welcoming and will never let you down. The outdoor pool is stunning and the water clean and at the right temperature to enjoy it at full. You can really experience how the vietnamese are such great people!


Young couple

The place is nice and clean. You have everything you need (AC, fridge, electric kettle) and there is a store below. She gave us map of the city with beautiful places, markets and good places to eat. Also the host is super helpful and helped us with our trips. We also got stuck in train going to Hue because of the flood. So she helped us find transportation back to Dong Hoi.



Literally everything! Great location, beautiful hotel. high ceilings and spacious rooms. We arrived late and the dinner they prepared for us was delicious, as was the breakfast buffet! Our group stayed only one night while on our trip and we agreed it is our favorite hotel so far. We all cannot wait to come back. Thank you to the amazing reception staff!


Young couple

Very clean, modern rooms with wet room bathrooms. We had minimal interaction with the staff but the ones we did speak with were friendly and helpful. The view from the balcony is absolutely incredible as you can see the water and the Tam Tòa Church ruins. Walking distance to the Dong Hoi seafood restaurant strip.


Solo traveller

Smart design hostel/ hotel lovely garden beds everywhere. Brilliant views from the top rooms/ roof.Great big cups coffee and delicious fruit juice from bar served downstairs.Relaxing area to chill . 5 minutes to beach-wifi✔️👍 Recommend

SorenUnited Kingdom

Family with young children

The hotel offered a good night stay and if you like lots of room this is definately a place to go. We spent a bit of time in the bar and had a couple of decent cocktails. Breakfast had a good selection and we left with full tummies.


Young couple

it was good value for money, clean and comfortable enough. AC was working (although very noisy), neighbourhood is nice with lots going on, many cafes and good restaurant options. dong hoi was actually quite a nice city.


Family with young children

The homestay was value for money! It was at a great location and the owner was too kind! She cooked us breakfast before we leave for our excursion to Phang Nha Caves. I would really recommend anyone booking this place.


Family with young children

I stayed in this hotel for 5 days and i like the view around the city in the rooftop and its convience to go around the city center,its clean and cheap hotel


People with friends

The beach is very nice. We could have a long walk on the beach. The food was tasty. From the bungalow the view was beautiful.


Solo traveller

I love how close to the beach it is. Just outside of the city center but close enough that you can take a nice walk there.

V Quach
V QuachUnited States

Young couple

Big clean room with comfortable bed, All staff working really hard to make you feel like you're in a five star hotel👍


Solo traveller

The comfortable beds and very helpful host!! She helped me book a local bus to phong nha..


Young couple

Very clean, newly built, spacious, close to the beach. Great value for money

JackUnited Kingdom

Young couple

Extremely good value place to stay in centre of Dong Hoi. Very clean.


Young couple

Really nice hotel with great views! Absolutely helpful stuff!


Family with young children

very comfortable rooms, lovely swimming pool and great beach



Close to the city center and walking distance to the beach


Young couple

Location and feels like a proper hotel


Family with young children

Private beach

FAQs about hotels in Dong Hoi

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