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Mekong River Delta
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Mekong River Delta

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The Mekong Delta, also known as the fresh and vast "Mien Tay", is a great destination for tourists who want to experience the uniqueness and diversity of Vietnamese culture.

With majestic landscapes, gentle people and a leisurely lifestyle, the Mekong Delta promises to bring visitors unforgettable experiences.

Scenery Unique Beauty

What is especially impressive in the Mekong Delta is the natural beauty that blends with people's lives.

The green rice fields, the The winding river and traditional villages create a wonderful picture of Vietnamese countryside life.

Visitors can enjoy the sunset on the river, where the sun sets Behind the vast fields, creating a quiet and mysterious picture.

Unique Culture

The West is also famous for its unique and diverse culture. Visitors have the opportunity to experience traditional festivals, such as temple worship festivals, boat racing festivals, or traditional martial arts festivals.

At the same time, enjoying unique cuisine with dishes such as claypot rice, flexible fish hotpot, and other delicious dishes that will captivate every taste bud of visitors.

Hospitality Community

People in the West always Open our doors to welcome visitors with hospitality and warmth. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet, talk and learn with the people here, from farmers taking care of the fields to artisans making unique traditional products.

Special Place for Adventure Travel

The Mekong Delta is not only a destination for tourists who love to enjoy, but also an ideal place for those who want to challenge themselves with adventure activities.

Visitors can join kayaking tours on rivers, cycle through country roads, or even take cooking classes with unique ingredients only found here.

If you are looking for a unique and stylish destination, the Mekong Delta will be a great choice.

With majestic natural beauty, unique culture, and the hospitality of the people, Western Vietnam will certainly leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of all visitors.

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What to know before visiting Mekong River Delta

Research weather, respect local customs, pack essentials, and embrace new flavors for a fulfilling travel experience.


When traveling to the Mekong Delta, visitors should keep in mind a few things to have a safe, enjoyable and fully experienced journey. Here are some important notes:

1. Weather and Seasons:

The West has tropical monsoon weather, so visitors need to prepare personal items such as sunscreen, sun hats and drinking water.

The dry season from December to April is good for visiting, while the rainy season from May to November can be beautiful but can also cause flooding in some areas.

2. Traffic and Mobility:

Popular means of transport here are motorbikes, trains, and buses. You should prepare information in advance about public transportation or rent a car to move comfortably.

If tourists want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river, a water boat tour is a great choice.

3. Culinary Specialties:

Discovering culinary specialties is an important part of the experience in the West. Try dishes like flexible fish hotpot, herring salad, grilled bread and fresh fruit.

4. Tours and Recreational Activities:

There are many unique tours such as kayaking tours, visiting fruit gardens, and participating in traditional festivals. Book your tour in advance to ensure availability and avoid overcrowding.

5. Famous Tourist Destinations:

Visit famous locations such as Can Tho, Chau Doc, and Ca Mau to get a comprehensive view of the culture and beauty of the West.

6. Avoid Extreme Sunlight:

The temperature is often high at noon, so visit at this time is limited. If unavoidable, protect your health by using sunscreen and a hat.

7. Respect Local Culture:

Always maintain a spirit of respect and friendliness when interacting with local people. Learning how to greet and communicate basicly in Vietnamese will create a better experience.

8. Safety and Health:

Make sure you have travel insurance and know how to contact local medical services if necessary.

Bring a small first aid kit with basic supplies like cotton, antiseptic and tape.

Tourists should note the above things that will help make your trip smoother and more memorable in the Mekong Delta.

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