Explore Tra Su Cajuput Forest - Mysterious beauty of Western Vietnam

Feb 22·2 min read

You are caught up in a wave of work, feeling stressed and confused. Do not worry! Leave all your worries behind, pack your backpack and immerse yourself in the green paradise of Tra Su Melaleuca Forest - a natural wonder in western Vietnam.

rừng tràm châu đốc

Green Heaven at Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

Located in the heart of An Giang province, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest with an area of ​​about 850 hectares is a charming destination middle of the Mekong Delta.

This is not only a place embracing the calm water and majestic Cajeput trees, but also the homeland of many rare animals, creating a picture wonderful nature.

The Journey Begins in Chau Doc

Chau Doc City is the starting point, where visitors will begin their enchanting journey. On a pittoresque boat, you will get lost in charming canals, filled with the natural beauty of Vietnam and then reach Tra Su Melaleuca Forest.

Flood Season

Unexpectedly, flood season is the best moment to step foot in Tra Su Forest and the Mekong Delta.From September to November every year Every year,Cajeput forest puts on a new coat, a lush green picture of buffalo grass and elephant ear trees, creating a mysterious space that you should not miss.

Dry Season

But the dry season is no less wonderful. The sea of ​​buffalo tongue grass dances on the water surface, like dancers performing a joyful dance to welcome visitors.

Visit the forest from 6:00 - 9:00 morning and from 2:00 - 7:00 every day to enjoy the daily life of storks living in the forest from the observation tower.

Hoa Immersed in Biodiversity

Tra Su forest is a place of harmonious harmony between plants and animals. Take part in a journey of biodiversity discovery by walking in the shade of green trees, observing rich plants and animals.

Chim trong rung Trà Sư Cajeput

With a special ecosystem, you will discover nearly 140 types of plants and more than 70 rare bird species.

See Beautiful Views From the Observation Tower

A short trek to the observation tower will reveal the picture before your eyes Panoramic view of the forest, with its vast stretch of Cajeput trees and surrounding wetlands.

Guided rowing will take you through winding waterways, alongside towering Cajeput trees, where you can meet many unique wildlife species.

Enjoy Delicious Specialties

And to end a day of exploration , don't forget to enjoy the specialties of the Mekong Delta. EnjoyAn Giang Nam cake, fresh sugarcane juice, and delicious dishes such as crazy fish hotpot, crispy fried fish, or crocodile hotpot with buffalo tongue.

bánh nậm An Giang

In particular, try the unique dishes of Tra Su Forest such as honey-grilled chicken, mud-covered grilled chicken, and grilled snakehead fish.

Useful Tips for Your Journey

Before starting your journey, prepare comfortable clothes,trekking shoes, and mosquito repellant to avoid bites.

Check the weather and temperature, and especially ticket prices for services at Tra Su cajuput forest.

Let yourself flow smoothly on the journey hey, let each moment become a unique space in your memories.

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