Fairy Stream Mui Ne
Fairy Stream Mui Ne

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"Mui Ne Fairy Stream" is one of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province, Vietnam. With its magical and wild beauty, Suoi Tien has become an ideal destination for those who love to explore and want to enjoy relaxing moments in the heart of nature.

Geographical Location

Suoi Tien Mui Ne is located about 18 km northeast of Phan Thiet city center. To get here, visitors can travel by car or motorbike through routes such as National Highway 1A or Nguyen Thong Street. Some tours also provide shuttle services to Suoi Tien, helping visitors save time and effort.

Suoi Tien Mui Ne is not only famous for its natural beauty but also brings has profound historical and cultural values. The name "Fairy Stream" comes from the legend of the gods who once bathed in this stream, creating a mystical and mythical atmosphere around this area.

Salient Features

The biggest attraction of Suoi Tien is the stream flowing through unique sand rocks, forming strange and beautiful shapes. The clear spring water, gurgling through the rocks, creates a melodious and gentle sound. Besides, the area around the stream is also covered with rows of palm trees and fresh green trees, creating a peaceful and relaxing space.

Unique Culture

In addition to the pristine nature, Suoi Tien Mui Ne is also interesting because of the unique culture of the local people. The population here is mainly Cham people, an ethnic group with a rich culture and history. Visitors have the opportunity to explore Cham culture through visiting ancient temples and towers. Po Shanu Temple, a historical temple located on a hill, is a destination not to be missed.

In addition, Suoi Tien Mui Ne is also famous for traditional festivals, such as the Kate of the Cham people, takes place every year in the 10th lunar month. This festival is an opportunity for people to show respect to their gods, and visitors have the opportunity to join them to experience unique traditional culture.

Activities Travel

Suoi Tien doesn't just stop at sightseeing. Visitors can also participate in many other attractive activities such as:

  • Spring bathing: Enjoy the cool feeling of the clear stream .

  • Taking photos: With majestic natural scenery, Suoi Tien is an ideal photo spot.

  • Explore nature: Walk along the stream to discover the beauty of nature here.

  • Picnic: Have a picnic by the stream with family and friends.

Local Cuisine and Culture

Near the Stream Tien has many eateries and restaurants serving Binh Thuan specialties such as banh can, banh xeo, seafood,... Visitors can also enjoy drinks from fresh coconuts and fruits. local trees.

Suoi Tien Mui Ne is not only a beautiful beach but also an attractive destination with pristine nature, unique culture and diverse cuisine. Under the blue sky, visitors have the opportunity to relax, participate in marine sports activities, explore Cham culture and enjoy delicious dishes. Coming to Suoi Tien Mui Ne, you will have a memorable and unique travel experience in Vietnam.

Traveler Reviews

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Une promenade très originale, les pieds nous dans le sable et un filet d'eau.
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photoreview-Yvon Trotel-1
photoreview-Yvon Trotel-2
photoreview-Yvon Trotel-3
It's a nice place to visit, it's free to enter, clean and worth seeing. Better to go by your own, so you can enjoy it at your own pace.
photoreview-Dominik Dutka-0
photoreview-Dominik Dutka-1
Geweldige experience. Met blote voeten door riviertje op weg naar mooie rode gesteente en zand.
물처박처박하고 걷는거 좋아하시면 괜찮아요! 쓰레기장이란말때문에 조금 걱정햇는데 그거보다는 시골 공사장느낌?? 냇물내려오는데 옆에서 공사한거같은 돌무도기 있는 느낌이었어요 들어가는데 15분정도 걸리는데 염소도 만나고 좋았어용! 15분동안은 하..가지말까 했는데 딱도착하니까 절벽이 멋잇더라구요 일정상 거기까지만 보았는데 쪼꼼 더가면 미니폭포도있대요
photoreview-oh ah-0
It was very beautiful and clean. You must go before 10am, before the big crowds come. Surprisingly it was free, only payed 10k for parking.
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It’s a fun free natural activity, it’s a lovely little stream of water they is maybe 1.5km long and passes lots of sand dunes and sand structures. Halfway there is a red dune you can climb (recommended) and go down the other side. This is a fun break for the day for and hour and you can get a Grab at the end (where the farm is) or go back an hour.
photoreview-Dennis vdH-0
The Fairy Stream is a beautiful little river with very impressive nature! You walk for about 1 hour in the riverbed through shallow water, often over stones. It's definitely worth a visit. We were there in the late afternoon, when the weather wasn't quite so good, so we were lucky enough to have been there almost alone.
Suối mát - 1 địa điểm tham quan không mất phí và thú vị. Trải nghiệm cảm giác đi dạo dưới suối mát, bé con rất thích nhe. Nên đem theo dép thay vì gửi dép ở kệ, vì có 1 số đoạn đá gồ ghề nên mang dép theo để an toàn hơn.
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Unique experience of starting point of walking in the cool water stream that takes you along the spectacular landscape of hot sand dunes,natural and big termite towers and red canyon supported with ash color mud that ends with small waterfall on the other side.A must visit place to feel the immortal landscape and perfect for photography.
Ne pas s'attendre à un final de fou. Il y a simplement une petite cascade mais le trajet est très mignon, prenez votre temps. De préférence des claquettes car on marche pieds nu tout du long ! Des toilettes sont à disposition sur le trajet mais ne sont pas nettoyées régulièrement. Des poubelles sont dispo aussi. Ils y a quasiment au début un petit marché pour touristes.
Một nơi tuyệt vời để trải nghiệm nha! Cảnh đẹp, đi mát chân do nước xâm sấp đến mắt cá. Chịu khó đi hết đường đến cuối suối để gặp nguồn suối cũng thú vị.
photoreview-Tran Duc Tai-0
photoreview-Tran Duc Tai-1
photoreview-Tran Duc Tai-2
photoreview-Tran Duc Tai-3
Loc de poveste ! Recomand !!!
photoreview-Norbert Rusu-0
photoreview-Norbert Rusu-1
Zdecydowanie polecam spacerek w upalny dzień z ciekawymi atrakcjami ;)
photoreview-Joanna Walewska-0
photoreview-Joanna Walewska-1
photoreview-Joanna Walewska-2
photoreview-Joanna Walewska-3
photoreview-Joanna Walewska-4
끝까지 가려면 꽤나 걸어야 합니다. (맨 끝에는 아주 작은 폭포가 있습니다) 여기다 끝인가 싶은 코너길을 여러개 지나야 하고, 중간중간 누워있는 나무들 때문에 허리를 2-3번 숙여야 합니다. 그러고 나면 작은 폭포가 나와요
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photoreview-So jung Kim-1
photoreview-So jung Kim-2
Free and fun
그늘이 많고 발이 시원해서 걷기 좋았어요

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