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Phu Quoc, often referred to as the "Emerald Isle," is not just an ideal destination for beach lovers but also a repository of Vietnam's unique cultural history. As the country's largest island, Phu Quoc captivates visitors not only with its natural beauty but also with a wealth of cultural and recreational activities.

Bai Sao and Bai Dai are among the most beautiful beaches on Phu Quoc, famed for their fine sand and clear waters. Visitors can immerse themselves in the cool waters, lounge on the sand, or engage in activities like surfing and diving to explore the underwater world.

Phú Quốc

Beyond its beaches, Phu Quoc is home to natural wonders like the Phu Quoc National Park and Tranh Stream, where visitors can explore the diversity of the tropical rainforest ecosystem. Jungle tours, hiking, or off-road cycling offer unforgettable experiences.

Culture and cuisine are integral to the Phu Quoc experience. The island is renowned for its Phu Quoc fish sauce, a product of great cultural and historical value. Local cuisine, especially the fresh seafood, is sure to satisfy any palate.

Phú Quốc

Phu Quoc is also an ideal destination for those interested in Vietnam's history, with landmarks like the Phu Quoc Prison, a testament to the country's turbulent past.

Finally, the night markets, like Dinh Cau Night Market, are not to be missed. Here, visitors can shop, enjoy local foods, and experience the vibrant island life. Small roadside stalls selling everything from clothing and souvenirs to food items are perfect for taking a piece of the Emerald Isle home.

Phu Quoc is more than just a destination; it's an experience, an adventure, where each visitor will carry away unforgettable memories. Come and witness the beauty, charm, and pride of Phu Quoc Island.

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What to know before visiting Phu Quoc

Research weather, respect local customs, pack essentials, and embrace new flavors for a fulfilling travel experience.


When planning a trip to Phu Quoc, both domestic and international tourists should consider the following tips to ensure a wonderful and safe experience:

  • Determine the Best Time to Visit: Phu Quoc has two main seasons - dry and rainy. The dry season, from November to April, is ideal for visiting due to cooler, less rainy weather.
  • Book Accommodations in Advance: Especially during peak season, booking ahead helps avoid full occupancy and provides more lodging options.
  • Check Passport and Visa Requirements: For international travelers, ensure your passport is valid for at least six months and check visa requirements based on your nationality.

Upon Arrival in Phu Quoc

  • Transportation on the Island: Plan your travel within the island. Renting a motorbike, bicycle, or using taxis and buses are good ways to explore the island.
  • Weather Precautions: Bring sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from UV rays. During the rainy season, carry an umbrella or raincoat.
  • Food and Drink: Try local specialties like fresh seafood, but be mindful of food hygiene. Drink bottled water instead of tap water.

Culture and Customs

  • Respect Local Culture: Dress modestly when visiting religious and historic sites.
  • Communication: Some locals may not speak English, so learning a few basic Vietnamese phrases can be helpful.
  • Safety
  • Personal Safety: Keep your belongings secure and avoid carrying large amounts of cash or unnecessary valuables.
  • Health: Carry a basic first aid kit and have contact information for local healthcare facilities for emergencies. Be aware of health issues related to tropical climates, like heatstroke or insect bites.

Environmental Protection

  • Protect the Marine Environment: Avoid littering on the beaches and in the sea. Use eco-friendly sunscreen to protect coral reefs and marine life.
  • Sustainable Exploration: Prefer using sustainable tourism services and support local communities.

Special Experiences

  • Visit Popular Attractions: Don't miss places like Phu Quoc National Park, Coi Nguon Museum, and vibrant night markets.
  • Local Cultural Experiences: Participate in traditional activities like fishing, learn about fish sauce production, or enjoy local music performances.

Concluding the Trip

  • Souvenir Shopping: Purchase local products like Phu Quoc pepper, fish sauce, or handicrafts.
  • Feedback and Reviews: After your trip, share your experiences and feedback on the services you used to help improve future visitors' experiences.

By thoroughly preparing and adhering to these tips, your trip to Phu Quoc will not only be exciting and safe but also contribute to preserving the natural beauty and rich culture of the island. Enjoy every moment in this seaside paradise and create unforgettable memories.

What guests said about hotels in Phu Quoc


People with friends

Well worth the price! Convenient location right by the airport. Premium looking finishes in the interior of the room and the hotel in general. Clean and fresh sheets everyday care of the excellent housekeeping. Great pool area and good view of the sunset from higher levels. Service and care from the front desk staff is EXCEPTIONAL, in addition to the good level of english they have. They are quick to respond to any concerns and queries guests have. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hotel as one of the budget-friendly options in the island.


Young couple

It was the best experience ever! I recommend anyone who wants to have a great time to book a plane in this resort. Everything was just perfect! The location is amazing and the rooms are right in front the sea. The stuff are so nice and helpful especially Trung from the reception that really helps us with everything, even planning our next destination in Vietnam. So if you want to have your best vacation ever, go to this hotel !

ErinUnited States


The hotel is beautiful, the rooms are new and spacious. After traveling for two months in Vietnam we really appreciated the great showers and very comfortable beds. The location is pretty good, nice easy walk to town, and close to the beach. I wouldn’t call it beachfront as there are many restaurants between the hotel and the beach, and there are no beach chairs for the hotel, you have to rent them from the bar.


Young couple

The resort was a fantastic place to stay, the staff and facilities were amazing. We rented a scooter and circumnavigated the island, the people are super friendly and helpful to tourists. A big thanks goes out to Tanny, Lan and Mr Ocean for helping to make our stay one that we will never forget. We will definitely be coming back and would recommend this resort for anyone looking for a 5 star relaxing break.


Young couple

What a magical place! We didn’t want to leave ! The hotel is even more beautiful in reality versus the gorgeous pictures online. The food was varied and excellent. The sunset on the beach or from the rooftop pool is to die for. But that’s not the best part. What really marked the trip was the exceptional service. Special call out for Dora, F & B manager.

tamraUnited States

Solo traveller

The colors and equipment in the house are good and have good visibility, large comfortable bedrooms, large living room and kitchen spaces that are very convenient for eating and relaxing. The toilet is always clean, we did not expect that in Vietnam there is a sunset town like Italy, many amenities around are very modern.


Young couple

It was lovely and quiet, right on the beach and able to see sunset every night. Great pizza restaurant and a supermarket next door. It’s about 10 minute drive to night market and 10 from the airport. Planes coming in isn’t an issue as there aren’t too many anyway You can hire bikes to get around the island from The hotel.

LukeUnited Kingdom

Young couple

The Shells resort is paradise, our villa was incredible as was the food, staff and facilities. Breakfast had many options and the local dinner menu had a large choice, and everything we tried was delicious. Prices are fair for the quality of the food and hotel, obviously more than if you left the resort.

BeverleyUnited Kingdom

Young couple

We liked the location of the hotel. Our room was comfortable and private. The beach was stunning and a lovely place to relax. We ate at La Jardin on the beach, and the food was excellent. All the staff were helpful and nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely recommend La Veranda


Young couple

Very good localization, private beach next to the great beach bar, clean beach, great breakfast. We visited 7 beached on the Phu Quoc and we agreed that our hotel's beach is the best. Staff taking care about the clean on the beach and to deliver very good food. I recommend

OndřejCzech Republic

Solo traveller

I had a quite pleasant stay in Sen Hotel, the room was spacious as expected, wifi was good and stable, tv had some English speaking channels, the hotel is within walking distance of the center of Duong Dong and not far from the public beach, plenty of restaurants nearby.

KatieUnited Kingdom

Young couple

Friendly and approachable staff. The manager made you feel very welcome. Pretty well maintained garden/resort areas. Comfortable good size rooms. Right on the beach, good hotel restaurant and bar options, but also walking distance to other food outlets

Ngọc Yến
Ngọc YếnVietnam

Young couple

Right in the center (Duong Dong town). Very nice price for those just need where to stay while traveling. Right outside the hotel is some places for dinning (Bubble milk tea, pastry store, coffee shop..)

Cristina Elisa
Cristina ElisaSwitzerland

Young couple

The hotel is a bit outside the town (they rent motorbike onsite) but in a quiet area on the beach. the pool is big and the beach is very clean. the staff is very kind, this is a perfect place to relax.


Young couple

Good hotel, good room, complex in good condition. In general what you expect from 5 star hotel. The guy from ocean bar was really nice and friendly, I spent lots of time there :-)


Young couple

AMAZING STAFF, great location for a relaxing get-away from the noise of Vietnam! Breakfast and Vietnamese coffee was outta this world!!


Family with young children

the location and the beach in front of the hotel, The most beautiful and peaceful beach of the island


Solo traveller

the host - by far one of the best stays in Vietnam. Lana is such a lovely host.


Young couple

amazing as always! even among 5 star hotels at the very top.

ARSHADSouth Africa

Family with young children

This is not a 5 star hotel.

FAQs about hotels in Phu Quoc

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