What is unforgettable about Ho Chi Minh City?

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Dynamic city for challengers

Ho Chi Minh City wakes up before dawn and remains active even after nightfall. It is known as the city that never sleeps. It's vibrant, noisy and sometimes complicated. From dusk to dawn, the sound is always bustling. Here, silence is a luxury. If you want a peaceful vacation, Saigon is probably not a good choice. From around 4 a.m., some people start working, the sounds of life begin even before sunrise.

Soon, hundreds of motorbikes will flood the road. Noisy car horns, voices of people doing business on the sidewalk, etc. All create a special melody. Every day is a different melody, very unique, very Saigon. When night falls, the city transforms into a different version. Still active but with entertainment and fun.

Saigon at night is a gift

It's easy to have fun in Ho Chi Minh City, especially in the evening. Just step out the door, you can have everything you want. From food, drinks, local markets, to walking streets, karaoke bars, pubs, bars, they are all there to serve you.

The rest is you and the amount of energy you have to dance with the city. You can start your evening adventure with some street food, warming your stomach before a great night out. Then, take a walk around the city to explore local life. Drinking some wine is also a great option, or joining a karaoke session.

Sài Gòn về đêm

Vietnamese people love to sing karaoke, if you have the opportunity to join them, don't hesitate. Because there's a lot of fun when you're with locals. Ending your evening journey at a bar or nightclub will be wonderful. You will have fun and "yolo" there 🙂 Last but not least, if you finish partying at 5 am and you're starving, many convenience stores operate 24/7 and Small eatery with great hot soup that will save your life. You cannot imagine that wonderful feeling. That's why I say Saigon at night is a gift. It takes care of you, treats you well and makes you happy.

Saigon people are the friendliest and most helpful I have ever met

I have been to many places in Vietnam and several countries around the world, met many people and realized that Saigon people have many good characteristics that I really appreciate. That's why I spent nearly 10 years living in this city. First of all, Saigon people are friendly and welcoming. I come from a small village and am often a shy girl. But everyone here has welcomed me, accepted me, given me a great job to do and made me more confident. They are also very helpful. As you may know, we have many different local accents from North to South. I was born in Binh Dinh and therefore I have a strong local accent from here. People hardly understand what I say. This is really a problem for my social life.

However, over time, Saigon people helped me improve it and introduced me to wonderful new colleagues and friends. So currently, I can speak two local accents, one from Saigon and one from Binh Dinh. Also, if you get lost in Saigon without a map, Saigon people will be your map.

They will take the time to help you with as detailed instructions as possible. They even created a road map right at their doorstep to guide others. Last but not least, they are very generous. This seems to have become a characteristic and privilege of Saigon people. They are willing to share with you what they can. They are willing to help you if they can.

The food in Saigon is amazing

One of the reasons I quickly fell in love with Saigon was the food. I love cooking but to be honest, when I lived in Saigon, I rarely cooked. Why? Because I always have my favorite food around me. It's delicious, convenient and affordable. In case you are too lazy to travel, you can completely order food online.

So at the end of the day, there's not much incentive to cook at home. In general, you can find everything you want to eat in Ho Chi Minh City. From all kinds of delicious food like Saigon Banh Mi, Hue Beef Noodle Soup, Rice Noodles, Balut, Grilled Chicken, Hot Pot, and many more, both Vietnamese cuisine and Western and Indian dishes , Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc. I say Saigon has everything.

Sidewalk culture and intimacy in Ho Chi Minh City

Since I came to France, what has left the strongest impression about Saigon is not the high-rise buildings, nor the Ben Thanh market, but the idyllic images from the mobile banh mi cart, the bus. Hu Tieu knocked on the sidewalk. That is Saigon in me. I remember every morning I stopped by a mobile bakery for a great breakfast. I also often have dinner with a bowl of noodles for only 15,000 VND (about 60 euro cents).

I have enough money to enjoy other things but I like the feeling of eating hot soup from small businesses on the roadside, chatting with them and enjoying the fresh air outdoors. Plus, the great thing is that with time, the owners know me like the back of their hand. They know what I like and don't like in my banh mi or noodle soup. Instead of saying exactly what I wanted, I just asked "same old" and so on, this created a beautiful sidewalk culture among people living in Saigon. From strangers, we got to know each other and became friends, regardless of status.

Traffic jams - another specialty of the city

Traffic congestion will probably surprise you when you first arrive in Saigon, with thousands of motorbikes crowding the streets. Motorbikes are the most popular means of transport in Vietnam. Nearly every family has at least one. The number of these vehicles increases over time, but the streets do not change. It's easy to understand that we have heavy traffic congestion during rush hour in big cities, especially in Saigon.

Tắc đường - đặc sản khác của thành phố

At first, we complained. To this day, we still continue to complain but we have gotten used to it. Over time, traffic congestion has become a familiar feature of the city. Obviously, no one likes traffic congestion. It's jammed, noisy and annoying. On the contrary, it helps us learn how to move intelligently.

If you visit this city, don't forget to challenge yourself by riding a motorbike. You will develop many skills through this experience. For example, if you are in a hurry, you have to be creative in finding your way out of this situation. If you want to cross the road in Vietnam, you need to learn to be patient and observe carefully. More importantly, you need to learn how to control stress under high temperatures and drive well.

Every corner in Saigon is a story

If you want to visit the city like a local, you need to make an effort to explore life in the small alleys of Saigon. Each alley is a different community and has its own story. They are interconnected and share common values. The alley could be boarding houses for workers from other provinces.

It may be the residential area of Saigon people, where their families have lived for many generations. It may also be a Chinese residential area. It could be a rich neighborhood in the city, etc. It all makes the city very special, diverse and interesting.

Saigon - Leading transportation center

Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam. No wonder it is an important transportation hub for you to go anywhere smoothly, both domestically and internationally. In the city there is Tan Son Nhat International Airport, which is the busiest airport and has the highest handling capacity in Vietnam. From Saigon, you can go anywhere in the world.

In addition, we also have direct trains and buses connecting Saigon to the entire country. In addition, the frequency of operation is very frequent, almost daily. Therefore, you can adjust your schedule flexibly.

Weather in Saigon

We don't have winter in Saigon. Unlike Hanoi, the city does not have four seasons a year. Here there are only 2 seasons in a year: rainy season and dry season. The rainy season starts in May and lasts until October. During this period, the weather is humid and the temperature is high. This makes the air heavy and can cause discomfort.

However, the rainy season is also the time when plants are greenest and some people even love this weather because it makes the city look fresh and green.

The dry season starts in November and lasts until April. During this time, the weather is drier and cooler, making it an ideal period to visit Ho Chi Minh City. In general, the weather in Saigon can be described as warm and sunny, suitable for interesting visits and unique culinary enjoyment.

Those are some reasons why I think Saigon is great. You may wonder why a dynamic and noisy city like Saigon is the number one choice of many people. The answer is probably not the same for everyone. However, if you try living here once, maybe you will love it as much as I do. This city has its weaknesses but also its special and unique strengths, creating a unique atmosphere and culture that cannot be found anywhere else.

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