Cu Chi Tunnel
Cu Chi Tunnel

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Location and History

Cu Chi Tunnels is located in Cu Chi district, about 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City center. Cu Chi Tunnels is an underground tunnel system built and used by the Vietnamese army and people during the war against the US army in the 1960s and 1970s.

When you arrive at Cu Chi Tunnels , visitors will explore and learn about the complex tunnel system that Vietnamese people used to fight and live during the war.

Architecture and Design

The Cu Chi tunnel system includes a network of underground tunnels, including underground tunnels, live tunnels, factories and various underground bases. These tunnels were built by hand, with the creativity and patience of the Vietnamese people.

These tunnels have different depths and complexities, from a few meters to hundreds of meters. , with living bunkers fully equipped with bedrooms, kitchen and meeting rooms. The tunnels are designed with small tunnels, hidden areas and dangerous traps to deter enemies.

Travel Experience

When visiting the Tunnels Cu Chi, visitors will participate in an interesting and meaningful journey:

  1. Visit the Tunnel System: Walking in underground and explore underground tunnels, live tunnels and other underground structures of Cu Chi Tunnels.

  2. Underground Life Experience: Learn about how the Vietnamese people lived and fought during the war by participating in simulation activities.

  3. Enjoy the Food Local: Enjoy the specialties of the Cu Chi region at restaurants near the tourist area.

  4. Learn History: Join guided tours to better understand the history and significance of Cu Chi Tunnels in the fight against foreign invaders.

Historical and Cultural Importance

Cu Chi Tunnels is not only a historical tourist destination but also a symbol of the patience and creativity of the Vietnamese people in the fight against war. back to the US military. It is a lesson about the courage and perseverance of the Vietnamese people in protecting their country and freedom.

Cu Chi Tunnels is a destination not to be missed. when traveling to Ho Chi Minh City. This is not only a journey to discover history but also an opportunity to learn and honor the patience and sacrifice of the Vietnamese people during the war. Take time to visit and learn about Cu Chi Tunnels - an important part of Vietnam's cultural heritage.

Traveler Reviews

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كان مليء بالمعلومات و المواقع الحيه لحقبة حرب فيتنام
Must visit place!
Very educational, definitely worth having a guide to explain the history. Great fun firing the weapons used during the war.
Amazing, I would 100 % recommend doing a tour here. Bought tickets through to get your guide. Booked a company called joy journeys they take you to a less touristy tunnel location a little bit further out but we’ll worth it. Small group of only 10 people
Historyczne miejsce warte odwiedzenia,można poznać kawał historii
A must to understand what happened during the terrible war! A great historical evidence of how the Vietnamese fought the US army and won!
photoreview-Subrahmanyan Radhakrishna (Krish)-0
photoreview-Subrahmanyan Radhakrishna (Krish)-1
photoreview-Subrahmanyan Radhakrishna (Krish)-2
photoreview-Subrahmanyan Radhakrishna (Krish)-3
photoreview-Subrahmanyan Radhakrishna (Krish)-4
Great enjoyment, tour was just excellent and cheap. Our guide was quite funny, he tells you many jokes. We were there when not many tourists inside, so we could quite enjoy every atraction.
photoreview-lukas sova-0
photoreview-lukas sova-1
photoreview-lukas sova-2
photoreview-lukas sova-3
photoreview-lukas sova-4
photoreview-lukas sova-5
Love this place. Go with a good guide. Learn lots of things. Get squeezed in tunnels.
Great place. Lots of history of war. Definitely go for shooting range. Do not carry any empty bullet shells or toys made of shells. Airport security will not let you through.
photoreview-mohammad shareef-0
I did enjoy it, but dont go there with a big tour group.
So much to learn about the history of Vietnam, it can be a bit overwhelming too. Great place to visit if you like learning about history.
photoreview-Edrea Panugan-0
베트남 전쟁 당시 게릴라 전투에 대해 잘 안내해줍니다. 영어가 안되면 어려울 수 있습니다
haha cuchi
Finally got there are it was worth it. Every aspect, even the unique shooting range
Tuyệt vời! Địa đạo mang tính lịch sử cao của nhân dân Củ Chi, thể hiện sự thông minh của người dân Củ Chi. Chui hầm rất là vui luôn.
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-0
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-1
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-2
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-3
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-4
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photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-6
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-7
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-8
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-9
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-10
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-11
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-12
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-13
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-14
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-15
photoreview-27: Võ Đức Thịnh-16
Amazing experience. Worth the trip. For people like me with 1.83m sometimes a little challenge in the tunnels
전쟁 당시 치열했던 상황을 알 수 있었어요.
So impressive and learnt a lot about how clever the build really was
Nice historical place
Rất hay!
Molt recomanable. Nosaltres vam fer una visita ràpida de 1h30', però dona per a estar.s.hi tres o quatre hores. I a pàrquing guardat per a les motos i cotxes. S'ha de pagar entrada per accedir al recinte i dona access gratuït als túnels, després s'ha de pagar per a fer les diferents activitats en cas de que es vulguin fer... tirolina, cinema, piscina, kaiak...
photoreview-Jordi Ballester-0
photoreview-Jordi Ballester-1
photoreview-Jordi Ballester-2
photoreview-Jordi Ballester-3
Interested. Great time for try with the gun AK 47
Awesome experience. A must visit place to see the tunnels built by the Vietnamese army. Must try visiting all the tunnels.
호치민 최고의 경험이었어요 정말 힘들긴 했는데 베트남이 이긴 이유를 알것 같더라구요. 베트남 사람 대단하다는 생각들었어요 호치민에 여행간다면 힘들어도 한번은 가보길 추천합니다
Phenomenal. The history of this place is so fascinating and surrounded by beautiful jungle. The tunnels are still accessible to visitors with a live firing range ($2 per round) which we didn't use but witnessed. You can fire AK or M15 from the range so it's fun if you've never tried ! Lunch is incredible with fresh food and drink.
Fantastic attraction, must visit.
OK ở đây rất đẹp và hữu tình
I’m old enough to remember the Vietnam War on TV news when I was a kid so this outdoor museum has some additional relevance to me. Seeing the area know as the Iron Triangle with the bomb craters and tunnels that you can experience is interesting and a lesson in how tenacious the Viet Cong were and how frightening it must have been to be a U.S. soldier in this jungle. Certainly a piece of history. You can also shoot an AK-47 or a 50 Cal. Machine Gun on the range after your tunnel tour. The ammunition is SUPER expensive at about $2.50 U.S.D per round and on full auto - That goes real fast.
photoreview-Les Wright-0
photoreview-Les Wright-1
photoreview-Les Wright-2
photoreview-Les Wright-3
photoreview-Les Wright-4
photoreview-Les Wright-5
photoreview-Les Wright-6
Es una visita interesante, para conocer cómo era la vida en esta zona, para los soldados durante las guerras y lo cruel que es la guerra
photoreview-GRB Automatics-0
photoreview-GRB Automatics-1
photoreview-GRB Automatics-2
photoreview-GRB Automatics-3
photoreview-GRB Automatics-4
photoreview-GRB Automatics-5
photoreview-GRB Automatics-6
photoreview-GRB Automatics-7
photoreview-GRB Automatics-8
photoreview-GRB Automatics-9
photoreview-GRB Automatics-10
photoreview-GRB Automatics-11
photoreview-GRB Automatics-12
photoreview-GRB Automatics-13
photoreview-GRB Automatics-14
photoreview-GRB Automatics-15
photoreview-GRB Automatics-16
photoreview-GRB Automatics-17
Это было интересно. Но чтобы лазать по тоннеля нужно нормальное здоровье и желательно небольшой рост.
Today is the second time I have visited this place, still admiring how well the Vietnamese army built this underground hideout.
Tuyệt vời, vô cùng đẹp và chuyên nghiệp
photoreview-Thành Nguyễn Tiến-0
اجمل مكان زرته في هوتشي منه يستحق زياره 100‎%‎. انصح بقوووه. زياره المكان Very nice area. I advise highly to visit this place
Très intéressant et bien entretenu

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