Sai Gon Central Post Office
Sai Gon Central Post Office

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Location and History

The Saigon Central Post Office, also known as the Central Post Office, is situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City at 2 Cong Xa Paris Street, District 1. Its central location makes it easily accessible and a prominent landmark for tourists to explore.

Constructed towards the end of the 19th century during the French colonial period, the Saigon Central Post Office is one of the most beautiful architectural gems of its time. It represents a fusion of French architecture with Indochinese cultural influences, serving not only as a postal facility but also as a symbol of power and prosperity during the colonial era.

Architecture and Design

The architecture of the Saigon Central Post Office is truly impressive, blending French colonial style with Indochinese cultural elements. Its distinctive red brick façade, classic windows and doors, along with its high vaulted ceilings, create an elegant and dignified appearance.

Inside, visitors are captivated by the sophisticated elegance of the waiting halls and transaction rooms. Adorned with exquisite murals, intricate decorations, and luxurious furnishings, the interior creates a unique cultural and refined ambiance.

The surrounding space of the post office is also worth exploring, with lush gardens and quaint pathways paved with cobblestones, offering a tranquil retreat amidst the bustling city.

Travel Experience

Visiting the Saigon Central Post Office offers tourists the opportunity to experience not only the architectural beauty of the building but also the rich history and culture of Vietnam through various activities:

  1. Explore the Waiting Halls and Transaction Rooms: Take a stroll through the different sections of the Saigon Central Post Office to gain insights into its function and historical significance.

  2. Admire the Unique Architecture: Spend time marveling at the architectural details of the Saigon Central Post Office and capture memorable photos of its distinctive features.

  3. Shop at the Souvenir Stores: The souvenir shops within the post office offer unique products that reflect the historical and cultural essence of the city.

  4. Relax in the Gardens: Take a leisurely walk in the beautiful gardens surrounding the post office to unwind and enjoy the serene atmosphere amidst the city.

  5. Participate in Cultural Events: The Saigon Central Post Office often hosts cultural events such as music performances and art exhibitions, providing an excellent opportunity to learn more about Vietnamese culture.

Cultural Significance

The Saigon Central Post Office is not just a beautiful architectural landmark but also a symbol of Vietnam's history and culture. Throughout the centuries, it has witnessed significant historical events and remains steadfast, symbolizing the resilience and determination of the Vietnamese people.

The Saigon Central Post Office is not only a significant tourist destination in Ho Chi Minh City but also a symbol of Vietnam's history and culture. With its unique architecture, rich history, and cultural significance, the Saigon Central Post Office is a must-visit for tourists seeking to explore and understand more about the country and its people.

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Traveler Reviews

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TET에 잘못 맞춰가니 모든곳이 문을닫는다… 쥬륵 그래도 외관은 예쁘다
Beli cinderamata disini seperti post card dan gantungan kunci. Serta banyak oleh2 lucu yg bisa dibeli disini.
photoreview-Ithott Aja-0
photoreview-Ithott Aja-1
photoreview-Ithott Aja-2
photoreview-Ithott Aja-3
photoreview-Ithott Aja-4
Good example for Indo French Architecture
Oldest post office of Saigon. Well maintained and lots of souvenir shops. Happy shopping
photoreview-xing xing-0
photoreview-xing xing-1
photoreview-xing xing-2
歷史建築,裡面有賣滿多紀念品,裡面的明信片還行。但我個人偏好檳城市場外、銀樓旁邊的紀念品店買明信片。 在這邊投明信片的好處是抵達率還不錯,目前到超過一半了❤️
photoreview-Hsuan Loop-0
photoreview-Hsuan Loop-1
photoreview-Hsuan Loop-2
photoreview-Hsuan Loop-3
photoreview-Hsuan Loop-4
photoreview-Hsuan Loop-5
photoreview-Hsuan Loop-6
This is fun! And not expencive
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-0
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-1
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-2
Its a unique way to connect to Saigon's past
✨️2024년 1월 기준, 한국에 엽서 한 장 보내는데 34000동(vnd)입니다. 이 우체국에서는 엽서와 우표뿐 아니라 각종 기념품도 팔고 있어요. 엽서를 사고 싶은데 벤탄시장에서 너무 비싸게 살까 봐 걱정되는 사람은 여기서 사는 것도 괜찮은 것 같아요.
A very nice heritage building which continues to function as a post office. A quaint place to visit.
Kiến trúc rất đẹp, địa điểm du lịch tham quan nổi tiếng của thành phố HCM.
photoreview-son truongminh-0
Bàn ghế xịn, Highland Bưu Điện tạo ra không gian thoải mái và dễ chịu. Bàn ghế thoải mái, không gian mở
Toà nhà lịch sử bền bỉ theo thời gian
日本にお手紙が出せるので楽しかったです。 切手が基本的な日本の切手よりもかなり大きいので先に切手を貼ってから宛名やメッセージを書くことをお勧めします。ハガキは建物中央にありますが、郵便局に入ってすぐ右手の階段を上がったところにお土産屋さんがあり、そこの方が可愛いハガキがたくさんありました
很有歷史 古色古香的郵局 建築很美
Saigon Central Post Office, which lies in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and is next to the Notre Dame Cathedral, is a must-visit destination for any traveller on their first trip to this city. Built around 1886 – 1891, the post office is both one of the oldest and yet most iconic buildings in the city.
photoreview-Raphael Navarro-0
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photoreview-Raphael Navarro-3
photoreview-Raphael Navarro-4
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photoreview-Raphael Navarro-6
photoreview-relax kuma-0
西貢百年郵局, 值得進來看看
photoreview-chung lungan-0
photoreview-chung lungan-1
photoreview-chung lungan-2
photoreview-chung lungan-3
photoreview-chung lungan-4
photoreview-chung lungan-5
에펠탑 제작 건축가의 영향으로 외관이 아름답습니다. 많은사람들이 앞에서 사진을 촬영합니다. 내부에는 우체국이 실제로 운영되고 있어서 너무 신기하고 좋습니다. 다양한 기념품을 판매하고 엽서가 있습미다
Living in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, I’ve had the privilege of being a regular visitor to the Sai Gon Central Post Office, located at 02 Công xã Paris, Bến Nghé, Quận 1. This isn’t just any post office; it’s a historical landmark, a bustling hub, and a symbol of our city’s rich past and vibrant present. Architectural Splendor: Every time I step into the Sai Gon Central Post Office, I’m struck by its architectural beauty. The building, a fusion of French colonial and Vietnamese design, stands as a proud reminder of our multifaceted heritage. The arched windows and intricately tiled floors speak volumes of a bygone era’s elegance. More Than Mails and Parcels: While it functions as a post office, to me and many locals, it’s much more. It’s a place where history meets modernity. Inside, you can send a postcard, browse through souvenir stalls, or simply marvel at the grandeur of its interiors, including the old telephone booths. A Cultural Hotspot: The Sai Gon Central Post Office is not just a place for errands; it’s a cultural hotspot. It’s where tourists mingle with locals, where stories are exchanged, and where the pulse of the city is most palpable. The atmosphere here is always vibrant, filled with a sense of curiosity and awe. Personal Experiences: I recall countless times I’ve used its services, each visit marked by efficiency and a touch of nostalgia. The staff, always courteous and helpful, add to the overall positive experience. It’s a place that has seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of residents like myself. A Living Museum: To me, the Sai Gon Central Post Office is a living museum. Every corner tells a story, from the historic maps on its walls to the old post boxes still in use. It’s a place that beautifully preserves the past while continuing to serve the present. Conclusion: In conclusion, the Sai Gon Central Post Office is more than just a landmark; it’s a cherished part of our city’s identity. It’s a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the essence of Ho Chi Minh City. As a resident, I take pride in this iconic establishment and recommend everyone to experience its charm.
photoreview-Vinh Son Tran-0
photoreview-Vinh Son Tran-1
photoreview-Vinh Son Tran-2
photoreview-Vinh Son Tran-3
photoreview-Vinh Son Tran-4
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photoreview-Vinh Son Tran-6
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裡面賣的明信片一張5000 便宜啦但好不好看就普通 裡面郵局可以寄明信片 直接跟櫃台購買即可 外面街道賣的很貴= =隨便一張三萬以上 一張36台幣 沒空 門口很多奧黛越南美女拍照 有那種叫你拍照的小販不要理他不然他會坑你
photoreview-dimi wang-0
photoreview-dimi wang-1
photoreview-dimi wang-2
Came here to send my postage and was happy at all time with good services, from packaging man to lady at counter. They are so friendly and helpful. Thanks for offering the great services
사실상, 귀스타프 에펠.
Built in the late 19th century when Vietnam was under French Indochina rule, it displays a fascinating blend of Gothic, Renaissance and French architectural influences. It has become a popular tourist destination. This historic site serves as the central post office for the entire city of Saigon. Visitors have the opportunity to purchase postcards and send them back to their home countries as souvenirs. Additionally, beautifully designed magnets are available for you to take home as keepsakes. Such a beautiful post office that is still in operation. It has been very well maintained and still has a lot of charm. We posted some letters to our family in India. It's definitely worth a visit and so beautiful to see!
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-0
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-1
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photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-3
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photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-9
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-10
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-11
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-12
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-13
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-14
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-15
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-16
photoreview-Sagar Waghchaure-17
여행 온김에 한번 와볼만해요 큰 기대는 하지마시고 안쪽에서 기념품도 팔아요
photoreview-Jaeyoon Sin-0
photoreview-Jaeyoon Sin-1
A must visit to send post cards to your friends and family back home Here are some tips that'll help Parking ( if you have a 2 wheeler) : There is a space that is on the right side of highland coffee - 20k if I'm not wrong Once you are inside the post office - Step 1 : find the post cards on the left. They have some fancy vintage looking ones as well - Step 2: Write on your post cards with a To, From and message. Be vary that you might have to stick around 3 stamps ( India, USA, UK) - Step 3: Go to the lady in counter 3 and get your stamps from her. Tell her the country you are sending to and she'll give you the right stamps ( trust the process ) -Step 4: Once you are done with the sticking there will be some blue trays that you can use to drop the post cards Congratulations you post cards will now reach you near and dear ones Bonus tip: There is a street on the right side where you can get a lot of memorabilia and it's pretty nice. I'll add some pictures of what I got
photoreview-Hamuk Maliella-0
photoreview-Hamuk Maliella-1
photoreview-Hamuk Maliella-2
photoreview-Hamuk Maliella-3
photoreview-Hamuk Maliella-4
photoreview-Hamuk Maliella-5
photoreview-Hamuk Maliella-6
Hier geht die Post ab!!!
photoreview-Pascal Sowa-0
photoreview-Pascal Sowa-1
A real old postoffice. It’s beautyful
photoreview-Jan-Paul van Atteveld-0
photoreview-Jan-Paul van Atteveld-1
photoreview-Jan-Paul van Atteveld-2
2023/12訪 有販售紀念品與明信片 明信片價格普通的約幾千 特殊材質貴一點 寄台灣的話一張明信片是36000越盾 可以的話儘量鈔票拿接近的 不要讓櫃檯小姐找錢感覺她有點不爽 會拿到一大二小總共三張郵票 桌上有膠水可以沾 之後直接丟進紅色塑膠籃就可以 整體來說拍照加上寫明信片 大約抓40分鐘左右 但要小心郵局外面有些自稱學生的年輕妹妹 會推銷東西給你 什麼噴霧之類的 不需要就拒絕 我在外面等車時被問了兩次
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-0
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-1
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-2
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-3
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-4
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-5
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-6
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-7
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-8
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-9
photoreview-MASIA NAKAGAWA-10
內部有遊客中心、紀念品店 可以買郵票
photoreview-LIN KC-0
photoreview-LIN KC-1
サイゴンの観光名所のひとつ。 手紙を出すこともできます。 お土産売り場もあります。
When someone said we were going to the post office, I definitely thought they were kidding. One look at the building and I was impressed. It's such a beautiful piece of history. I loved walking through it!
Très beau bâtiment construit par les français avec voûte signé Eiffel
photoreview-Regis Mahieu-0
ホーチミンの大教会のすぐとなりに有る郵便局 中の雰囲気は20年前から変わらず観光地だが通常通り郵便局として営業している サイゴン時代フランス植民地時代に建設されパリのオルセー美術館をモチーフにしたらしいが確かに似ている。 参考までにオルセーの画像も笑
photoreview-FREAD TOM-0
photoreview-FREAD TOM-1
photoreview-FREAD TOM-2
photoreview-FREAD TOM-3
photoreview-FREAD TOM-4
photoreview-FREAD TOM-5
photoreview-FREAD TOM-6
photoreview-FREAD TOM-7
Kiến trúc đẹp, rất nhiều du khách tới tham quan
photoreview-Chez Lotus-0
photoreview-Chez Lotus-1
photoreview-Chez Lotus-2
photoreview-Chez Lotus-3
photoreview-Chez Lotus-4
photoreview-Chez Lotus-5
photoreview-Chez Lotus-6
photoreview-Chez Lotus-7
photoreview-Chez Lotus-8
photoreview-Chez Lotus-9
photoreview-Chez Lotus-10
photoreview-Chez Lotus-11
photoreview-Chez Lotus-12
photoreview-Chez Lotus-13
Very interesting architecture

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