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Luon Cave

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With magnificent natural landscapes, clear blue lakes and diverse marine life, Luon Cave opens up an exciting world for all visitors. Join us to discover the beauty hidden behind the stone gates of Luon Cave on an adventure to Ha Long Bay.

Luon Cave, a hidden gem in The heart of Ha Long Bay, is a destination not to be missed for those who love exploration and adventure. Surrounded by majestic limestone mountains and lush green forests, Luon Cave opens up a magical world with a clear blue lake and diverse marine life such as shrimp, fish, crabs, and squid.

When stepping through the lovely stone gate of Luon Cave, visitors will be fascinated by the mysterious and peaceful beauty of the brackish lake. Luon Cave is not only a natural attraction but also a place to witness traces of ancient inhabitants with fossilized freshwater snail shells on the cliffs.

Special features of Luon Cave is a harmonious combination of mountain shapes, water colors, clouds and sky, and rich vegetation, creating a lively and captivating natural picture. Visitors can join kayaking tours, day tours or overnight tours on yachts to explore this beauty.

Luon Cave is not only an ideal destination for those who want to explore about nature and geology but is also an ideal place for those who are passionate about photography and love peace. Come and experience the majestic and mysterious beauty of Luon Cave during your trip to Ha Long Bay.

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Beautiful scenery, a magnificent creation by god. It's a must vist spot when in North Vietnam
photoreview-Connie Yang-0
halong bay Luon Cave is located in the northeast of Bo Hon Island. It’s about 14 kilometers to the south from Bai Chay Beach. Near the cave are Con Rua Islet (Turtle Islet) and Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave).Luon Cave is about 60 meters long and 4 meters wide. Height of the ceiling ranges from 2.5 – 4 meters up on tidal level. Therefore, it only can be accessed by small boat or kayak. Through the beautiful gate, we encounter a round, flat lake with four trees, a cliff, cliffs on it, monkeys running up the hill, ancient shades of palm trees, Spread the fragrant blooms and under the calm blue water is the vibrant life of marine species such as shrimp, fish, crab, squid … This is a group of islands closed, the sea only one The cave is about 4 m high, 3 m high, 100 m long. The brackish water lake in the cave is surrounded by four mountain sides, about 1 km2 wide. On the cliffs are stored fresh fossil freshwater snails, indicating that human beings once inhabited and that this place is a deep valley. The caves of this type in Ha Long Bay are not many, but perhaps the most attractive thing, attracting visitors here is the natural scene. It is a combination of interwoven, harmony between mountain shape, cloud color to the grass, seemingly can not find here a defect of nature.
Great view
Amazing experience if arriving first thing in the morning when not busy! Kayak is definitely the better way to experience and can see monkeys in the trees if looking closely!
It's a nice place in our tour package.
photoreview-Eren Yapici-0
My trip to Halong Bay, Luon Cave is amazing cave, you can try kayak with friend under tourguide instruction.
photoreview-Rosa Nguyen-0
STUNNING you can choose between the kayak which is for two people, but you get really wet! or you can choose the bamboo boat that you don’t get wet at all, but you are sharing it between 10 people! We chose the bamboo boat, and it was amazing! Super relaxing, highly recommend! check out our Instagram @serkaltravel and text us for any info
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A must when in Ha long Bay or if visiting Vietnam
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元日にガイド付きツアーで行きました。 風景、鍾乳洞、展望台付きの島、手漕ぎボートでの遊覧等、アクティビティ多めです。
Perfect weather and quiet, good chance to see.
在下龍灣Hang Luồn非常美麗的地形,划著小舟,看到調皮的猴子在樹上盪樹枝,覺得很有意思 !
photoreview-Shadow Wu-0
Thanks God for created this beautiful nature
photoreview-chandra De catro-0
photoreview-chandra De catro-1
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สวยแต่เรามาช่วง ธันวาคม ฝุ่นเยอะการมองเห็นไม่ค่อยไกล เรือเยอะมาก
Amazing experience. Must visit place in Hanoi. Cruise from Halong Bay. Beautiful and relaxing.
photoreview-Rehan Bahadur Khan-0
photoreview-Rehan Bahadur Khan-1
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카누, 뱀부, 스피드 보트를 즐길 수 있는 곳이예요. 카누는 2명이 탈 수 있고 노를 직접 저어야 하는데 옷이 다 젖을 수 있어요. 뱀부보트는 여러명이 함게 타는데 노를 젓는 사람에게 팁을 줘야 합니다. 스피드보트는 10달러인데 빠른 속도로 하롱베이를 둘러볼 수 있었어요. 또다른 재미를 느낄 수 있어서 추천합니다. 다만 스피드보트만 타면 루온동굴 안으로는 못들어가요. 루온동굴이 궁금하다면 뱀부보트나 카약을 타야 합니다. 스피드보트는 빨리 끝나서 추가로 탈 수 있더라고요. 멋있는 풍경을 많이 감상 할 수 있는 멋있는 곳이예요!! 수영복이나 여벌옷, 젖어도 되는 신발 등을 꼭 준비 하세요!
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Such a fun place! If you can handle a kayak that's what I would recommend doing! Wife and I rode in one and I was able to paddle us both with no problems. I do feel like a lot of the people that chose the kayak did not know how to steer so it may feel like bumper boats at times! There is a big boat option where you don't have to paddle so that is an option as well. We got to see monkeys so that was pretty neat. What a beautiful place, if I wasn't on a tour I think I could have spent at least half a day here!
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Awesome visit on a bamboo boat, its crazy busy but you do also have an option of a kayak...
photoreview-Carl Narayadu-0
photoreview-Carl Narayadu-1
Beautiful place to visit
جميل جداً
Highly recommended. Absolutely gorgeous, a must visit when visiting Hanoi/Vietnam. You can make it a day trip or take a cruise, see the great scenery, visit the amazing cave and you can kayak the Ti Top Island in the bay.
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Nice place to visit.There is a cave which I think bigger than Batu cave, Malaysia & Gupteshar Cave, Pokhara, Nepal. Boating in the bay is really enjoyable.
What a beautiful place to visit.
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Hang luon would be 1 of the itenaries whether you choose route 1 or route 2 of your hai long cruise. You need to rent a boat, motorboat or a kayak to get around the area. Suggest you group up people in ypur boat upto 6 people and get a row boat. It pay the same whether you are 1 to or 6. It is a good place to chill after cave and walkabout and breath taking view of lagoon. Should not missed it. I personally was amaze with the surrounding, the view.
photoreview-Aehtoosham Suleman-0
photoreview-Aehtoosham Suleman-1
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참 신기한 장소 입니다. 동굴 통과하면 펼쳐지는 풍경은 정말 장관인거 같아요. 카약을 타는 걸 추천 드립니다. 카약을 타야 원하는 곳을 다닐수있어요
photoreview-HD Traveler-0
photoreview-HD Traveler-1
Another must visit place in vietnam. Book full day trip in advance, many options available.. good cruise will come at 40-50 dollar range. Veg options available across cruises
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Magnificent and beautiful.
Lovely ride amongst the beautiful seascape

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