Cat Ba National Park
Cat Ba National Park

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Situated predominantly on Cat Ba Island, Cat Ba National Park is one of Vietnam's most unique ecological conservation areas. Spanning over 15,000 hectares, the park is not only a haven for diverse flora and fauna but also an ideal spot for various outdoor activities and rich cultural experiences.

Natural Features and Biodiversity

Cat Ba National Park boasts a special ecosystem with thousands of plant and animal species. Its most notable inhabitant is the Cat Ba Langur, an endemic primate species facing high extinction risk. The park also serves as a habitat for numerous birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Cat Ba National Park

Exploration and Recreational Activities

  • Trekking and Hiking: Multiple trails, ranging from easy walks to challenging treks, cater to all levels of adventurers.

  • Cave Explorations: Discover the mysteries and majestic beauty of natural caves.

  • Wildlife Observation: Offers a rare opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitats.

Culture and History

The park is not only rich in natural diversity but also steeped in historical and cultural significance. Traditional fishing villages and historical sites provide meaningful destinations for visitors.

Conservation Efforts and Environmental Education

The park plays a crucial role in environmental conservation through education and research programs, emphasizing the importance of protecting nature.

Infrastructure and Services

From guided tours and restaurants to resting areas, Cat Ba National Park provides all necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable and safe experience for visitors.

To fully enjoy the park, plan visits between April and October. Adequate preparation for outdoor activities, including appropriate clothing and gear, is essential.

With its majestic natural beauty and biodiversity, coupled with conservation efforts, Cat Ba National Park is not just an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts but also a place for environmental education. A visit to this national park is sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

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Visited rock climbing with @CatBaClimbing, amazing, amazing day. Cannot recommend strongly enough to any climbers.
Worth the hike!
photoreview-hannah glueckler-0
photoreview-hannah glueckler-1
Ребят, тут лес волшебный. Стоит немного отойти с дороги и вы как в сказке.
photoreview-Yodes Y-0
Surreal. Pristine waters and untouched natural reserve.
photoreview-Ritwika Nath-0
photoreview-Ritwika Nath-1
photoreview-Ritwika Nath-2
photoreview-Ritwika Nath-3
photoreview-Ritwika Nath-4
I completed a short hike to Đỉnh Ngự Lâm, a good workout with a lot of uphill. The views were great. Trung Trang Cave was also amazing, a very large and intricate cave system.
photoreview-Gena K-0
photoreview-Gena K-1
Breathtaking haven!
Thực vật đa dạng, không khí dễ chịu, đường nhựa xuyên rừng rất đẹp. Cung trekking ngắn vừa phải với mọi người.
The hike to the peak was the main attraction here. It was a short one with some steep sections. The path is well marked, but it’s advisable to take a photo of the map at the entry. Overall the views at the top are amazing and make the trek worth it.
photoreview-Avinash Bhat-0
Sehr eindrucksvoll. Ein Erlebnis dieser Ort.
Hãy về với mẹ thiên nhiên bạn sẽ được trải nghiệm những điều đặc biệt.Tuyệt vời
photoreview-Hòa Phạm Đức-0
Nice peaceful long trek. Be prepared for uneven climbs, each way taking around 1hr
A lovely national park with parking directly outside. Cost is 80,000vnd per person and includes entrance to the park and to Trung Trang Cave! The hike itself up to the viewpoint is reasonable, not bad for people of lower fitness levels. The top gets trickier with more intense and steep climbing over rocks but still manageable.
photoreview-Levi Hughes-0
photoreview-Levi Hughes-1
photoreview-Levi Hughes-2
Phù hợp cho những người thích leo núi, đi bộ
Đi trái mùa nên rất vắng và sạch đẹp. Giao thông cũng tiện lợi phòng ốc giá rẻ
photoreview-Minh Biểu Trần-0
photoreview-Minh Biểu Trần-1
photoreview-Minh Biểu Trần-2
photoreview-Minh Biểu Trần-3
photoreview-Minh Biểu Trần-4
photoreview-Minh Biểu Trần-5
Muy linda vista, cam8nata de subida de 45 minutos a 1 hora, con varios escalones.
photoreview-David Ruz Gatto-0
National park tickets comes with the Trang Trung Cave tickets at 80K. Beware that there is parking of 10K. This national park is good if you love to do longer walks/ hikes. Have good views, and didn’t manage to do it as I went too late (after 3pm) . Be there earlier so you can enjoy all attractions.
photoreview-胡佳恩Jia En-0
photoreview-胡佳恩Jia En-1
photoreview-胡佳恩Jia En-2
photoreview-胡佳恩Jia En-3
Strenuous climb to the top but was great at the top
Hòn đảo rất đẹp mọi người nên đến 1 lần. Đường đi trên đảo rất thoáng và đẹp uốn quanh co theo triền núi. Mình đi vào ngày thời tiết mát thật là cảm giác.
photoreview-Nghĩa Dương-0
photoreview-Nghĩa Dương-1
photoreview-Nghĩa Dương-2
A MUST do in Cat ba. The treck is not long but quite hard (rocks, small climb, sliding) but beautiful view !
Bạn không thể bỏ qua địa điểm này khi đến đảo Cát Bà nhé. Mình đã không có đủ thời gian để đi hết vì thời gian không cho phép. Sẽ quay lại vào một lần khác.
photoreview-Anh Thư-0
photoreview-Anh Thư-1
cơ bảo là ok
Inpresionante Restrooms: Limpisimos
Great place for sunset views, takes about an hour to climb up
photoreview-Martin Murin-0
photoreview-Martin Murin-1
it's a wonderful Natural park that allows you to have a total contact with the Natural environment of this island. have 2 amazing outlooks with beautiful View one from a dedicated monolith Rock and another one from a man-made platform on the top of one of the mountain peak.. grate experience if you are an enthusiast of Nature and Jungle...
photoreview-Mel Gibson-0
Très beau parc il est intéressant d'y faire du trekking Une très belle vue sur la baie depuis le Navy pic
Cycling; village life and snake wine!!
Picnic area: Hệ sinh thái rừng mưa nhiệt đới, hệ sinh thái biển ...
photoreview-Hai Thanh-0
photoreview-Hai Thanh-1
photoreview-Hai Thanh-2
photoreview-Hai Thanh-3
photoreview-Hai Thanh-4
photoreview-Hai Thanh-5
photoreview-Hai Thanh-6
photoreview-Hai Thanh-7
Insanely beautiful place!
photoreview-Joris Van Vlasselaer-0
photoreview-Joris Van Vlasselaer-1
Nice hike with a pretty view from the top of Ngu Lam peak
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-0
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-1
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-2
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-3
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-4
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-5
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-6
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-7
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-8
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-9
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-10
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-11
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-12
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-13
photoreview-Esther Kooistra-14
Stunning views, worth the entrance fee. Signs are a bit unclear since none of the are in English but the route to the viewing point is pretty self explanatory.
Sehr schöner Spaziergang bzw. kleine Wanderung. Haben uns aus Zeitgründen für den Weg zum Viewpoint entschieden, dank Höhenunterschied doch etwas fordernd aber im Wald immer angenehm kühl. Die Aussicht könnte schöner nicht sein. Sehr zu empfehlen.
Po kupnie biletów i wejściu na obiekt, pomyślałam "miernota" :-) ale się rozkręciło i to bardzo pozytywnie
photoreview-edyta sczesna-0
photoreview-edyta sczesna-1
photoreview-edyta sczesna-2
photoreview-edyta sczesna-3
photoreview-edyta sczesna-4
photoreview-edyta sczesna-5
Beautiful nature reserve

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