Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum
Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

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Nestled in the heart of Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum stands as an iconic symbol of Vietnam's history, paying homage to the revered leader who played a pivotal role in the country's struggle for independence. Visiting this monumental site offers travelers not only a glimpse into the life of Ho Chi Minh but also a profound experience that resonates with the spirit of the Vietnamese people.

A Mausoleum with Historical Significance

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum serves as the final resting place of Ho Chi Minh, fondly known as "Uncle Ho" to the Vietnamese people. Ho Chi Minh, born Nguyen Sinh Cung, was a key figure in Vietnam's fight against colonial powers and the founding father of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

The mausoleum was constructed to honor Ho Chi Minh's wish to be cremated, but the government decided to embalm his body and build the mausoleum instead. The site was officially inaugurated on August 29, 1975, marking the occasion of Ho Chi Minh's 75th birthday.

Architectural Splendor

Designed with Soviet architectural influence, the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a grand structure that commands attention. The exterior is adorned with gray granite, reflecting a solemn and monumental aura. The structure's simplicity is intentional, symbolizing the modesty and humility that characterized Ho Chi Minh's leadership style.

The mausoleum is surrounded by lush gardens and pathways, creating a tranquil ambiance that encourages reflection. The austere beauty of the architecture is complemented by the serene landscape, providing a fitting setting for the final resting place of a revered leader.

The Ceremony of Respect

One of the most solemn and captivating aspects of a visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is the Changing of the Guard ceremony. A military honor guard, dressed in pristine white uniforms, performs this ritual with precision and solemnity.

The ceremony takes place at the mausoleum's entrance, where the guards, with faces stern and expressions unwavering, conduct a formal and meticulous changing of positions. This display of respect and discipline adds a ceremonial touch to the mausoleum visit, emphasizing the significance of the site as a symbol of national pride.

A visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is not just a touristic experience; it's a pilgrimage into the heart of Vietnam's history and the ideals that shaped the nation. The mausoleum stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Ho Chi Minh, whose vision and leadership continue to inspire generations.

As travelers walk through the solemn halls and witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony, they become part of a tradition that honors sacrifice, resilience, and the pursuit of a better future. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a place where history comes alive, inviting visitors to reflect on the journey of a nation and the profound impact of its founding father.

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Amazing view
photoreview-Binder Singh-0
The body of communist leader of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh was preserved here and created as Mauseleum in 1969. One of the most visited place in Hanoi.
Yêu Bác lòng ta trong sáng hơn.
존경하는 호치민선생의 영령을 보러 오늘 토요일 찾아갔으나 오후 4시임에도 문을 닫았네...ㅠㅠ
5 sao vì đây là lăng Bác, từ SG lần đầu đặt chân đến HN, lần đầu vào khuôn viên lăng, nơi bác yên nghỉ. 1 sao cho thái độ của chị Đoàn Thị Yên (khu vực máy an ninh), thái độ khó chịu cực kỳ, nói năng thô lỗ nặng lời. Đây người Việt mà thế thì cư xử với du khách thế nào? Vừa vào khu vực máy quét an ninh đã có trải nghiệm cực kỳ tệ, đây chắc chắn không phải lần đầu chị tỏ thái độ như thế với khách đến viếng lăng Bác đâu nhỉ chị ĐOÀN THỊ YÊN
Một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời có tính lịch sử và giáo dục truyền thống rất cao. Bồi đắp lòng tự tôn dân tộc cho thế hệ trẻ
photoreview-Nhan Pham-0
Tuyệt vời
photoreview-Duy Hung-0
photoreview-Duy Hung-1
날씨는 안 좋았지만 색다른경험 이였다
Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh vĩ đại
photoreview-Mạnh Hà Nguyễn-0
Lăng Bác rất đẹp, có nhiều tư liệu về Bác.
photoreview-Thảo Trần-0
photoreview-Thảo Trần-1
photoreview-Thảo Trần-2
photoreview-Thảo Trần-3
photoreview-Thảo Trần-4
photoreview-Thảo Trần-5
photoreview-Thảo Trần-6
photoreview-Thảo Trần-7
photoreview-Thảo Trần-8
photoreview-Thảo Trần-9
photoreview-Thảo Trần-10
photoreview-Thảo Trần-11
photoreview-Thảo Trần-12
photoreview-Thảo Trần-13
photoreview-Thảo Trần-14
photoreview-Thảo Trần-15
photoreview-Thảo Trần-16
photoreview-Thảo Trần-17
photoreview-Thảo Trần-18
photoreview-Thảo Trần-19
photoreview-Thảo Trần-20
Nơi Bác an nghỉ
附近博物館星期一及五 下午會閉館 Call grab我的經歷是司機亂停, 廣場入口在地圖南方,入場需經過保安,電話需放袋入面
Bình thường
Very interesting to have been here, but at the same time a bit bizarre. Never seen anything quite like this
photoreview-Mathias Skjæran Landrø-0
Địa điểm đáng đến khi tới Hà Nội
ベトナム ハノイ 2023/11
photoreview-T H-0
Đây là nơi Bác Hồ yên nghỉ, là nơi người Việt Nam khi đến sẽ cảm nhận được một thứ cảm giác rất đặc biệt. Trang trọng và uy nghiêm là những gì mình nghĩ trước khi đến đây, nhưng khi đi ngang qua hàng tre thì mình thấy gần gũi lắm. Mình đi vào sáng thứ hai nên không thể vào viếng Bác được, theo lịch là thứ 3, thứ 5, thứ 7 và chủ nhật hàng tuần. Xung quanh Lăng có vạch vàng ngăn cách an ninh, 1 số khách du lịch nước ngoài không để ý bước vào bị cảnh vệ thỏi còi nhắc nhở, mọi người nên chú ý khi đi viếng Bác. Người Việt Nam được miễn phí vé vào Lăng, khi đến sẽ phải đi qua cổng rà soát an ninh.
photoreview-Phú Huỳnh-0
photoreview-Phú Huỳnh-1
photoreview-Phú Huỳnh-2
시간 맞춰 일찍 가야 합니다.
Lần đầu vào thăm bác . Kỷ niệm đẹp
photoreview-Auto _pháp anh ,sài gòn-0
photoreview-Auto _pháp anh ,sài gòn-1
photoreview-Auto _pháp anh ,sài gòn-2
photoreview-Auto _pháp anh ,sài gòn-3
một trải nghiệm tuyệt vời
photoreview-Khánh Giang Ngọc-0
Một địa điểm nhất định phải ghé khi đến Hà Nội
Người miền Nam ra thăm lăng Bác. Kính cẩn nghiêng mình chào Bác.
photoreview-Quang Duy-0
photoreview-Quang Duy-1
photoreview-Quang Duy-2
photoreview-Quang Duy-3
Da vedere anche se lontano dai miei gusti
photoreview-Chiara Tricco-0
photoreview-Chiara Tricco-1
Lâu rồi mới đi qua Lăng Bác
photoreview-Anton Do-0
ありがとうございました。 1/3の朝9時頃到着しました。 あまり混雑していませんでした。並んだのは10人位でした。
photoreview-s y-0
photoreview-s y-1
photoreview-s y-2
photoreview-s y-3
We were supposed to visit One Pillar Pagoda. Our grab driver alighted us but we didn’t see the pagoda. We saw people forming a queue outside a solemn compound. So we just queued and not knowing what to expect. It was drizzling and we didn’t bring our brollies. There was a roadside vendor selling and we got a small one for VND150,000. We needed to go through a bag check inspection like those we took in the airport. The compound is very huge and very grand. The Mausoleum faces their Parliament House. They have a museum further down and there is where One Pillar Pagoda is situated. But the museum was closed on that day when we went, it stated usually they are closed on Monday and Friday but we went on Thursday.
photoreview-Sewfuntastic 2015-0
photoreview-Sewfuntastic 2015-1
photoreview-Sewfuntastic 2015-2
Địa điểm này có thể thấy được Chủ tịch Hồ Chí Minh đáng kính trọng
Wow, this is really a "must visit" if visiting Hanoi. Free entry, you pass through security and then follow the one way route upto and through the Mausoleum. Make sure you dress appropriately or you won't be allowed in; no shorts and wear long sleeves. This building is austere and imposing, it commands your respect and reverence. Entering the chamber you must continue moving around the three sides on silence. His body is amazingly preserved and clearly viewed through the glass sided coffin. Four guards stand motionless in their pristine white uniforms at each corner of the sunken pit where the coffin resides, and another five guards attend the walkway and ensure you keep moving. No headwear allowed in the chamber and obviously no photos/video.
photoreview-Miles Macdonald-0
photoreview-Miles Macdonald-1
photoreview-Miles Macdonald-2
photoreview-Miles Macdonald-3
photoreview-Miles Macdonald-4
photoreview-Miles Macdonald-5
週末の朝8〜9時頃に行きました。 並んではいましたが列の進みがスムーズでストレスなく進みました。 ホーチミンの家は外国人は有料ですが、通らないと出口には出られないので、廟含めた入場料だと思って支払いました。
photoreview-Kanaporn P-0
photoreview-Kanaporn P-1
photoreview-Kanaporn P-2
photoreview-Kanaporn P-3
photoreview-Kanaporn P-4
photoreview-Kanaporn P-5
photoreview-Kanaporn P-6
photoreview-Kanaporn P-7
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is one of the most famous spots. It attracts a large number of local residents and international tourists. You can learn more about Ho Chi Minh's life and its significance in Vietnamese history here. Ho Chi Minh is regarded as a visionary leader who played a significant role in Vietnam's history. In May 1975, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum was inaugurated. Dress appropriately while visiting the Mausoleum. Avoid shorts, sleeveless dresses, etc. otherwise your entry might be denied. You need to pass through a security check before entering the Mausoleum. The visiting time is from 5 AM to 10 PM. There is no entry fee. In the backside of the mausoleum, there is one pagoda (One pillar pagoda)
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-0
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-1
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-2
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-3
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-4
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-5
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-6
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-7
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-8
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-9
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-10
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-11
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-12
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-13
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-14
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-15
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-16
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-17
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-18
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-19
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-20
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-21
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-22
photoreview-Piyush Bafna-23
We visited on a Saturday and managed to see the body of Ho Chi Minh which is preserved here. Very strange experience but worth it. Get there early to avoid queues as it’s only open certain hours and these are limited.
photoreview-Dan Sullivan-0
photoreview-Dan Sullivan-1

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