Hội An Night Market
Hội An Night Market

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Situated along the serene Hoai River, the Hoi An Night Market is a bustling attraction every evening. More than just a traditional market, it is a place to immerse oneself in the unique culture, cuisine, and art of the ancient town of Hoi An.

The Enchanting World of Lantern Lights

The Hoi An Night Market is famed for its array of lanterns that illuminate the area with a soft, colorful glow. The combination of gentle light and vibrant colors creates a lively yet cozy atmosphere, painting a lively picture of local life.

Diverse Products and Shopping Experience

The market offers a wide range of products, from handicrafts and jewelry to clothing and souvenirs. Visitors can find unique items that embody the spirit and culture of the local community.

Culinary Delights

An integral part of the night market is its culinary scene. Stalls serve up a variety of local flavors, from street food delicacies to Hoi An’s special dishes, offering a world of tastes for visitors to explore.

Cultural and Entertainment Activities

The night market isn’t just about shopping; it’s a stage for cultural and entertainment activities. Traditional music performances, water puppet shows, and street art regularly take place, drawing in crowds of onlookers.

Cultural Exchange and Community Connection

The Hoi An Night Market serves as a melting pot of cultures, connecting local residents with visitors from around the world. It's not just a shopping hub but a place for people to connect and share cultural experiences.

Experiencing Hoi An at Night

The night market offers visitors a different way to experience Hoi An. Under the shimmering lanterns and lively ambiance, the market reflects an important aspect of the town’s cultural and social life.

The Hoi An Night Market is an essential part of any visit to the town. It’s not just a place for shopping and food but a cultural destination where people can enjoy and appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of Hoi An’s old town at night.

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Lovely. Must visit in your Vietnam trip.
大混雑!凄い人人 ストアーも凄い。美味しい物一杯で食べ過ぎる〜
photoreview-hiromi sugawara-0
참 행복한시간이었습니다
Hermoso lugar
Sehr romantisch
Street food heaven! Loved everything about Hoi An night market from the friendliness of its people, the lantern, the vibe and the street food. Amazing vibe and view at night with the lantern lit everywhere. The boat ride is a little bit touristy but a good experience. Even the cheapest street food is amazing. A place for a night stroll and to eat.
nice in the night but expected for crowd !
한 번쯤은 볼만함~
Great market and area to explore
Fantastic place must go there Night time best.
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Just loved it
This place is full of lanterns all over the place and boat ride is also available. A hug variety of food and drinks is also available for both Veg and non vegetarian. Many souvenir shops are there with good variety but do negotiate before buying anything .
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幻想的なランタンの川から一歩入るだけで活気あふれるナイトマーケットを楽しめます。 主に魚介の串焼き、ローリングアイス、雑貨、布製品のお店が多いです。 賑わってますが歩くのに苦戦するほど混み合っているわけではなく、ほどよいガヤガヤ感があります。 疲れた際にはフットマッサージやホイアンならではのお洒落なレストランもあるので、小休止を挟みながら過ごせるのも魅力です。 ありがとうございました!ごちそうさまでした
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晚上夜景好看 一定要去
꽤오랜만에 호이안에 다시한번왔지만 더욱 많은 발전으로 관광하는 즐거움이 생겼습니다. 저녁에 아름다운 야경은 어느관광지와 비교해도 뒤쳐지지않습니다.
Loved it specially the lanterns, restaurants, live music and boat ride
흥정을 잘해야하고 안쪽으로 들어갈수록 싸게부른다 한화와 달러 받아서 환전 안해도 살수있음
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Went here with my school and it was a great experience. It was a bummer that our school doesn’t let students roam around freely so we didn’t get to get the full experience of Hoi A night market. I did try their food though it was pretty good!
Bargain shoppers paradise. Vendors are good people and enjoyed a bit of haggling but didnt have the heart to reduce their profits. Good hard working vendors, huge selections of goods. My wife and her friends really did a lot of shopping here for dresses etc.
Our favourite part…….the food! This market is super busy as there is A LOT going on! There are souvenir stalls, lanterns to buy (or just be photographed with), boats that will sail you down the river and all of this while making way for the pedi cabs! That said, if you make it through all the stalls, you will find some delicious food vendors right at the end of the market! We first tried the Bo La Lot which is ground beef wrapped in a Betel leaf which is BBQ’d and then sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with a chilli dipping sauce. We had heard great things about this dish and were so glad we tried it. So much so that we ordered a second serve! We then tried the Banana Pancake with Nutella and it was delicious! It was nowhere near as sweet as we thought it would be and we’d definitely recommend trying this also. At the very end there was also a stall cooking Lobster. We did not try it (as we had eaten enough that day!) but we did hear good things about it. All up, we were happy that we visited but the frenzied nature of the market deterred us from heading back the next night to try more food.
Toller Nachtmarkt mit vielen Standen. Das Streetfood ist sehr gut. Die Ricepaper Pizza ist sehr zu empfehlen!
photoreview-Pascal Sowa-0
photoreview-Pascal Sowa-1
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Chợ đêm rấc iu, nhưng mắc huhu. Mà đi du lịch nên cũng được
I like this ancient city but it's just too crowded at night
photoreview-Zulham Nasution-0
Nice street to stroll in the night, roadside stalls were cooking food and the scent form various roast food keeps you hungry
Exciting market with lots of options, can get a bit crowded.
photoreview-Lauren Thurmond-0
photoreview-Lauren Thurmond-1
photoreview-Lauren Thurmond-2
very nice marked
photoreview-Ati Z-0
photoreview-Ati Z-1
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Brilliant experience at the night market, Neat and clean. Also ome can take the lantern boat ride from here. Filled with very scenic and Ambient cafés and restaurants.
Nice place, cheap snack, a little bit romantic
photoreview-Nguyen Giang Truc-0
좋아요 환상적인 느낌
Bellissimo posto dove abbiamo trascorso l'ultimo dell'anno
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Laivly. Good atmosphere. Great food.
photoreview-Mirek Galeza-0

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