Hainan Assembly Hall
Hainan Assembly Hall

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Hainan Assembly Hall, located in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, is one of the most important assembly halls for the Chinese community from Hainan. Built in the 19th century, this assembly hall is not only a place of worship but also a gathering and cultural exchange point for the Hainanese community.

Architecture and Meaning

The architecture of Hainan Assembly Hall reflects a combination of traditional Chinese style and Vietnamese architectural elements. The entrance gate is elaborately decorated, leading into a peaceful space with a garden and lake, creating a quiet space in the middle of bustling streets.

Temple and Spirituality

The Assembly Hall has a temple where traditional Hainanese gods are honored. This is where spiritual rituals take place and is a spiritual fulcrum for the community.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Hainan Assembly Hall regularly organizes events cultural events and festivals, reflecting the wealth of traditions and customs of the Hainan people. These activities attract both locals and tourists.

Arts and Decoration

Wood carvings and intricate decorations are prominent features of the Assembly Hall, demonstrating the feats and ingenuity of the artisans.

Preservation and Education

The Assembly Hall is not only preserved as a historical relic but also is an educational space, a place to spread knowledge about the history and culture of the Hainanese people in the community.

Visitors to Hoi An should not miss the opportunity to visit the Hainan Assembly Hall , where they can admire the unique architecture and learn about the culture of the Hainanese community.

Hainan Assembly Hall is an indispensable part of the multicultural picture of Hoi An . It is not only a historical relic but also a living symbol of the meeting and harmony between cultures, enriching the diverse cultural heritage of Hoi An ancient town.

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Actually, I enjoyed this more than the Hokkian assembly hall. It is quiet and traditional. The gatekeeper, who thought us from same origin (yes and no, we are not from Hainan but a place nearby), showed us around with passion. It's apparent that this hall is built and decorated with overflowing nostalgia. It's an impressive and touching place to end our day in Hoi An here.
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Bella la storia e l'altare dorato. Da vedere
祭壇のレリーフが素晴らしいですね。 建てられたのは殺害された108人の海南島の人々の鎮魂のためだとか。
Hội quán Hải Nam (10 Trần Phú) còn được gọi là hội quán Quỳnh Phủ, do Hoa kiều bang Hải Nam đóng góp tiền của xây dựng vào năm 1875. Hội quán thờ 108 thương nhân người Hoa vùng Hải Nam bị chết oan trên vùng biển Thu Xà (Quảng Ngãi) vào năm 1851, dưới triều vua Tự Đức.
photoreview-Thành Huỳnh-0
越南會安 瓊府會館 海南簡稱瓊,建於西元1875年(光緒元年)。海南會館主祀昭應公,就是好兄弟,此故事為一艘由海南開往順化商船,被當地巡房官兵所殺,當時阮王朝第四代嗣德皇帝(1848-1883)遣人調查而真相大白。
Điểm văn hoá nên ghé qua khi ở phố cổ
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photoreview-minh hiếu-2
구시 가지의 고대 집
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Kiến trúc rất đẹp!
It is Cantonese Assembly Hall in Hoi An Ancient town. It belongs to culture and history here. I think when tourists visit Hoi An old town, they should visit here too
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Địa điểm tham quan phố cổ Hội An
Mình mới ăn lần đầu tiên nhưng mình rất thích món Cau Lầu.cảnh rất đẹp khi về đêm cùng với ẩm thực
Another beautiful structure and worship house. Altar depicts beautiful fresco molding rarely seen. Furniture and courtyard. This is a gem. Uncrowded, at least during my visit.

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