Ben Thanh Market
Ben Thanh Market

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With more than a century of history, Ben Thanh Market is not only a unique shopping place but also a unique cultural destination, taking visitors on a journey full of the colors and flavors of Vietnam. .

History and Location

Ben Thanh Market is headquartered in District 1, the center of Ho Chi Minh City, and was built in 1912. Located Right in the middle of a bustling and crowded area, Ben Thanh is not only an ideal shopping destination but also a historical monument with unique relics.

Shopping Experience

Ben Thanh Market is a place of constant activity, with more than 3,000 shops and stalls. Here, visitors will be immersed in the diversity of products, from electronics, household appliances, to handicrafts and clothing. What's special is the ability to negotiate prices, an indispensable part of the shopping experience in Vietnam, and it often creates memorable memories for visitors.

Food Culture

In addition to the variety of goods, Ben Thanh Market is also famous for its rich and diverse cuisine. The noodle shop, Huynh Hoa bread, and other delicious dishes will satisfy visitors' taste buds. More than just a place to shop, Ben Thanh is a destination to experience authentic Vietnamese street food.

Local Culture

The market is more than just a place to trade but also the heart of local culture. Visitors will feel the dynamism and excitement of the daily life of the city's residents. Participating in conversations, filming videos about talented artisans or simply sitting at a cafe and observing life around them are all unique experiences.

Monuments History

In addition to the excitement, Ben Thanh Market is also home to important historical relics such as the East Gate and West Gate, marking important events in Vietnam's past. Visitors can enjoy the historical atmosphere and feel the change of the city through these symbols.

Ben Thanh Market is not just a place to shop, but a cultural and historical experience Unique history in Ho Chi Minh City. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the diverse space of Vietnam, from shopping to cuisine and local culture. Ben Thanh Market is not just a destination, but an important journey to better understand the country and people of Vietnam.

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Traveler Reviews

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Đẹp và cổ kính
Nơi đông khách và rất vui
photoreview-ĐẠT ĐỖ-0
chợ đẹp
1월 한국 눈보라 치고 추운날씨 베트남 36도 한여름
You can get almost everything here. From food to artwork. Coffee tea instant noodles..almost anything. I would suggest to look into the stalls if you are considering to eat here. The cleanliness is not great & some of the food is not authentic. Good experience though
Nicer now
Great place for street food
Da visitare.....
photoreview-Mauro Novacco-0
photoreview-Mauro Novacco-1
photoreview-Mauro Novacco-2
Beli oleh2 cemilan dan juga batu giok di sini. Harus pintar menawar.
photoreview-Ithott Aja-0
Marché très convivial débordant de vie.
Nơi tham quan và chụp ảnh đẹp.
photoreview-FLY GROUP-0
photoreview-FLY GROUP-1
photoreview-FLY GROUP-2
photoreview-FLY GROUP-3
photoreview-FLY GROUP-4
the place was so big and right place to buy typical Vietnamese souvenirs such as snacks, clothes, accessories, magnets etc. Don't forget to haggle over the price because they will charge quite expensive prices for tourists.
photoreview-Sandra Adria-0
photoreview-Sandra Adria-1
photoreview-Sandra Adria-2
벤탄 시장은 복잡하지만, 활기 넘쳐요. 꼭 한번은 와야 하는곳이에요. 무엇보다 벤탄 시장이 평균 시세가 가장 낮아요.(마사지 투어 등)
The best
Lieu plein de vie de Saïgon. Préféré y aller le matin tôt l'ambiance est différente. Vêtement, nourriture, boisson.... Vous trouverez votre bonheur. N'empêche pas d'aller visiter les autres marchés de la ville qui sont aussi incroyable et moin lisse que celui ci.
photoreview-remy mairey-0
photoreview-remy mairey-1
photoreview-remy mairey-2
photoreview-remy mairey-3
photoreview-remy mairey-4
photoreview-remy mairey-5
Great place to get some cheap authentic Vietnamese food.
Khung cảnh ngoài chợ Bến Thành vào dịp tết rất đẹp mình đi vào 25 âm lịch có rất nhiều hoạt động và hội chợ buôn bán đồ ăn rất thích hợp để chụp kỉ niệm ở trung tâm Sài Gòn
photoreview-nguyen vuong-0
photoreview-nguyen vuong-1
photoreview-nguyen vuong-2
photoreview-nguyen vuong-3
photoreview-nguyen vuong-4
photoreview-nguyen vuong-5
photoreview-nguyen vuong-6
photoreview-nguyen vuong-7
photoreview-nguyen vuong-8
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