Hoa Lu Ancient Capital
Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

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Hoa Lu, once the capital of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th centuries, stands as a portal to the country's rich historical heritage. Nestled in the heart of Ninh Binh province, this ancient capital captivates visitors with its unique blend of historical significance and natural beauty. Today, it's an essential stop for those looking to delve into Vietnam's dynastic history while being surrounded by the stunning landscapes that characterize this region.

Location and General Overview

Hoa Lu is situated in a basin surrounded by limestone karsts, approximately 100 kilometers south of Hanoi. This former capital was the seat of the Dinh and Early Le Dynasties and played a pivotal role in the country’s unification after the tumultuous period of Chinese occupation. Despite its age, several structures and relics have withstood the test of time, providing a glimpse into the architectural styles and cultural life of early feudal Vietnam.

Highlights of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

The Temples of Dinh and Le Dynasties

The two main temples, dedicated to the Dinh and Le Dynasties' emperors, are the heart of Hoa Lu. The Dinh Temple, built in honor of Emperor Dinh Tien Hoang, is an impressive structure featuring intricate stone carvings and ornate courtyards. The Le Temple, a tribute to Emperor Le Dai Hanh, showcases a similar architectural grandeur. These temples are not only historical landmarks but also fine examples of ancient Vietnamese temple architecture.

Ancient Citadel and Palace Grounds

Though much of the original citadel no longer exists, the remaining vestiges offer a fascinating insight into the defensive structures of the past. The palace grounds, now largely overtaken by nature, still hint at the grandeur that once characterized this royal city.

Scenic Surroundings

The natural scenery surrounding Hoa Lu is breathtaking. The area is characterized by dramatic limestone cliffs, serene rice fields, and meandering rivers. A short distance away, the Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex and Tam Coc offer boat tours through stunning riverine landscapes, often referred to as “Halong Bay on Land”.

Traditional Festivals

Hoa Lu is also known for its vibrant festivals, particularly the Hoa Lu Festival held annually in the spring. This event features traditional music, dance, and rituals that reflect the region’s cultural heritage.

Sustainable Tourism in Hoa Lu

Efforts are being made to preserve Hoa Lu’s historical sites and natural surroundings. Visitors are encouraged to respect the ancient structures and the local environment.

Supporting local businesses and eco-friendly tours can help sustain the community while preserving this historical treasure.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital is more than a historical site. It's a testament to Vietnam's resilient and rich history. A visit to Hoa Lu offers a unique opportunity to walk through the annals of time, where stories of emperors, battles, and dynasties come alive amidst a backdrop of stunning natural beauty. For history enthusiasts, culture vultures, and nature lovers alike, Hoa Lu is a destination that promises a memorable and enlightening experience.

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Absolutnie przepiękne miejsce.
Tuyệt vời
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Az ősi főváros emlékműve, parkok, templomok, sétányok. A helyieknek zarándok helyszín.
Very nice and interesting
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Quán ăn sáng rất ngon, sạch sẽ, nhân viên phục vụ nhiệt tình
Đầu tư công phu, hoành tráng, đẹp lung linh, địa điểm xứng đáng ghé thăm
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古都的街巷彌漫著濃厚的文化氛圍。石板路鋪成的小巷中,保存著古老的店鋪和傳統手藝,讓人仿佛進入了一個古老手工藝的坊間。隨處可見的傳統手工藝品,使這個地方充滿了濃郁的藝術氣息。 華閭古都不僅僅是一座保存完整的古城,更是一段活生生的歷史長卷。這裡的建築、文化和風土人情,構成了一幅鮮活的畫卷,吸引著遊人前來領略這段悠久的歷史。在這裡,時光彷彿凝固,帶領人們在歷史的長河中穿梭,感受歲月的變遷。
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Tuyệt vời thanh bình và hào hùng
Wer gerne einen kleinen Fußmarsch in die Höhe unternimmt, um eine bessere Sicht über die Tempelanlage zu erhalten, der kann locker die 330 Stufen zur Aussichtsplattform erklimmen. Bei Bedarf noch etwas Kraxelei auf die Spitze, dann isses perfekt. Ansonsten zeigen sich hier 2 unterschiedliche Tempel aus 2 Dynastien Vietnams. Jede für sich sehr eindrucksvoll. Wer nicht gut zu Fuß ist, kann sich durchaus per Scooter an verschiedene Punkte der Anlage kutschieren lassen. Außerhalb gibt es auch direkt Snacks oder etwas zu trinken zu kaufen. Alles für kleines Geld.
역사에 대해서는 잘 모르지만 섬세한 수공예품의 아름다움이 느껴집니다. 바이딘 사원보다 훨씬 훌륭합니다. 고결한 정신의 아름다움.
This is a nice place to visit when u are around... There's alot of History about this place that a ( Paid ) guide can explain about it... For tourist that need a guide than can just ask at the main entrance when u show your tickets ( Alot of freelance guide standing or sitting around to ask if u need a guide ).. So is all up to individual....Can just pay them or can just ask the person at the entrance before going in.... There's another thing about tourist who ride motorbike or cycle.... Don't need to park outside along the road or anywhere u see a person wave to ask to park... Can just ride to the ticket booth opposite n buy your entrance ticket n ride in... Parking is free inside for motorbike n bicycle..
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Visit early in the day to avoid afternoon crowds at a stunning place of worship honoring ancestors and heroes. The architecture includes ironwood paneling amid natural dissipation. Temples are distinguished by two dragons and moons on their roofs, while a dragon bed signifies respect to the king. The detailed interiors are impressive, and visitors must remove headwear as a sign of respect. Legwear covering the knees is required, with options available if needed. A beautiful mural narrates the history of the three kings. While serene for reflection, it might not suit those seeking excitement.
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During our visit, we learned the history of vietnam.
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Lieu chargé d'histoire et tres intéressant ! A voir dans cette région

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