Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

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Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Hanoi, the Museum of Ethnology emerges as a captivating cultural haven, inviting travelers to embark on a journey through the diverse tapestry of Vietnam's ethnic heritage. From traditional artifacts to immersive exhibits, this museum stands as a living testament to the rich mosaic of cultures that shape the nation.

Established in 1997, the Museum of Ethnology was conceived with a mission to preserve and showcase the cultural heritage of Vietnam's diverse ethnic groups. This architectural gem, designed by renowned Vietnamese architect Ha Duc Linh, reflects a harmonious blend of traditional and modern elements, creating an engaging space for cultural exploration.

The museum serves as a bridge connecting the past with the present, offering visitors a comprehensive understanding of the customs, rituals, and lifestyles of Vietnam's 54 ethnic communities. Its expansive collection and interactive displays make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a deeper appreciation of the country's cultural mosaic.

Outdoor Display Area

As visitors approach the museum, they are greeted by the vast Outdoor Display Area—an open-air exhibition featuring authentic traditional houses from various ethnic groups. These meticulously reconstructed dwellings offer a glimpse into the architectural diversity and unique lifestyles of communities such as the Tay, H'Mong, and Ede.

Wandering through this outdoor gallery, travelers have the opportunity to step inside these traditional houses, adorned with vibrant colors, intricate carvings, and symbolic motifs. Each structure tells a story of the community it represents, providing a tactile and visual experience of Vietnam's cultural wealth.

Indoor Galleries

Venturing inside the museum's main building, visitors are greeted by a series of thoughtfully curated indoor galleries. These spaces house an extensive collection of artifacts, costumes, tools, and multimedia presentations that delve into the intricacies of ethnic cultures.

The permanent exhibitions are organized based on themes, showcasing the diversity of rituals, festivals, craftsmanship, and daily life among different ethnic groups. From the elaborate costumes of the Red Dao to the distinctive pottery of the Cham people, each exhibit invites travelers to immerse themselves in the cultural nuances of Vietnam's ethnic communities.

Cultural Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, the Museum of Ethnology hosts cultural festivals and events that celebrate the diversity of Vietnam's ethnic communities. These lively gatherings showcase traditional music, dance, rituals, and culinary delights, offering a festive atmosphere for both locals and visitors.

Attending these events provides a dynamic and immersive experience, allowing travelers to witness the vibrancy of ethnic celebrations and the enduring spirit of cultural identity. From the Tet Festival to specific ethnic group celebrations, the museum's calendar is infused with opportunities to engage with living traditions.

For the culturally curious traveler, the Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi unfolds as a treasure trove of insights into Vietnam's rich ethnic heritage. From the architectural diversity of traditional houses to the vibrant exhibits and interactive workshops, this museum offers an immersive exploration of the country's cultural tapestry.

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내셔널데이에 다녀왔어요. 오전에 사람이 많았는데 2시 넘으니 한적합니다. 전시도 볼 만합니다. 특히 한베수교 30주년 기념으로 만들었다는 3층 한국관, 잘 만들어왔네요. 다만 한국 현대 주거생활은 조금 촌시러운 느낌도 있습니다.
Bảo tàng có nhiều thông tin, mô hình về văn hóa của các dân tộc Việt Nam cũng như thế giới. Nếu đi để tìm hiểu thì chắc 1 ngày vẫn chưa đủ. Giá vé 40K rất rẻ cho từng đó giá trị của bảo tàng.
It's a great place for understanding different Vietnamese ethnic groups.
First time in Hanoi? Go to this museum first, really explains the people, geography and regions of Vietnam very well. Price is 40k each and 5 or 10k for xe may parking.
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Great to start to see the diversity of cultural tribes.
Rất yên tĩnh, các bạn trẻ con có dịp khám phá về văn hoá các dân tộc,vùng miền trên đất nước việt nam
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Wonderful museum that’s extremely well curated. Detailed explanation of the differences between different ethnic groups with loads of relevant material in the main “drum” building. Overall happily spent 5 hours at this museum. It is 7km from the old quarter and 35 mins by taxi car. In the secondary, newer, “kite” building there are excellent textile exhibits on the first floor. Second floor is more a cabinet of curiosities that private collectors have donated, a mish mash. Third floor is a modernistic audio visual exhibition on Korea. No me neither. Outside is a library of different buildings built in the different styles of the ethnic groups. Many are original and old and have been moved to the site. And there is a superb museum cafe on site (with another outside the entrance so no admission ticket needed) that serves great food and sells high quality craft work from handwoven fabric squares up to and including large bronze statues.
Superbly curated, huge museum about diversity of ethnic groups in Vietnam, highly recommended!! Jan 2024 This very large museum is worth a long,calm visit if you are interested in Vietnam, its various cultural people, traditions, languages and cultures. The main building will take about 2 hours: there's plenty of very interesting comments about rituals, origins, language, domestic objects, costumes (you will learn so much about colour dyes, fibers, conical hats making, pottery, jewellery for each ethnic groups) etc..on 3 floors. Have a delicious lunch break in the restaurant: freshly cooked Vietnamese cuisine, and rest your legs and brain. Friendly staff and lovely displays of wood sculptures, textiles and pots,all for sale. The garden displays a real, functioning water puppets theatre (photo) and some houses on stilts, palm roofs houses over a large area. Fascinating and well maintained. The second building is more about exhibitions of textiles and private collectors donations, varied and still interesting
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Excellent display celebrating and honouring the cultural diversity of Vietnam. Beautiful works of the many diverse cultures displayed and explained respectfully.
Bardzo nowoczesne muzeum choć tematyka etniczna. Super spędzone 2 godziny.
Très intéressant. Toutes les explications sont en français. On apprend beaucoup de choses. Ne pas rater les jardins avec la reproduction des maisons grandeur nature
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Có khá nhiều gia đình cho các bạn nhỏ đi, khu ngoài trời đẹp nên nhiều bạn trẻ đến chụp ảnh. Khu trong nhà cung cấp nhiều kiến thức hay nhưng cách bày trí hơi khó hiểu chút. Giá vé 40k , rất là ổn áp nhé.
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Very insightful knowledge about different ethnolinguistic groups in Vietnam. You learn about their lifestyle, culture and daily practices as well as their origins
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The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is a museum in Hanoi, Vietnam, which focuses on the 54 officially recognized ethnic groups in Vietnam. We enjoyed wandering around exploring the different structures outside, homes from different ethnic tribes of Vietnam.
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From my travel diary - Vietnam Museum of Ethnology focuses on the 54 officially recognised ethnic groups in Vietnam. It was really quite interesting because it had different areas spread all over the museum showing the housing and culture of the different ethnic groups. We stayed there for quite some time exploring the historic water systems and cooking places.
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Great museum! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Make the effort to visit, 40k entry & you can get there by public (7k) from the old quarter. V interesting exhibits but best were the reconstructions of the homes of a number of ethnic minorities. GOGOGO
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Très beau musée avec la recomposition de certaines maisons de tribus
Totaly worth going, I think we spend almost 3 hours and there is a nice coffee place inside the garden
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Rất vui và hữu ích khi đưa các bạn nhỏ đến thăm quan. Tuy phần về dân tộc Việt nam, tự cảm thấy hơi yếu, ko tương xứng với tên gọi
Best museum in Hanoi. Do yourself a favour - venture out a little out of the old quarter.
Very interesting and nice exchibition
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The museum was a total surprise! We lingered on for over three hours and our 12 and 8 year olds were engaged throughout… they especially enjoyed exploring the houses.
Really interesting and well displayed. A lot of artifacts and two buildings. Gardens with original houses. Worth it. Allocate 2-4 hours depends how much detail you want to absorb
Một không gian học tập tuyệt đẹp dành cho mọi người, nhất là trẻ em.
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photoreview-Hồ Tiên Thủy-1
Very interesting museum, they show you all the ethnic groups from Vietnam and more or less theire ways and customs.
Khá đáng đi, rất hay cho khách tới
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photoreview-THỊ LÝ PHẠM-1

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