Mo Luong Cave
Mo Luong Cave

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Hidden in the middle of the majestic mountains and forests of Mai Chau, Mo Luong Cave is like a rough, mysterious, and enchanting gem, attracting tourists with its wild and magnificent beauty of creation. Join us on the journey to explore this unique cave, where the essence of heaven and earth converge, promising to bring unforgettable experiences.

Journey to Mo Luong Cave

From Mai Chau town center, visitors will travel about 18km in the Northwest direction; the road leading to Mo Luong Cave winds through peaceful villages and green terraced fields. , opens before your eyes a poetic picture of nature.

Mo Luong Cave is in a cave complex in Mo Luong village, Chieng Chau commune, Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province. From the foot of the mountain, visitors will climb about 200 stone steps to reach the cave entrance. Although the journey is challenging, it is compensated by majestic natural scenery, green forests, and fresh, cool air.

Discover the magical beauty of Mo Luong Cave.

Step through the cave entrance, visitors seem to be lost in another world, a world of multi-shaped stalactites. Shimmering and magical under the light. Mo Luong Cave was formed millions of years ago, with a length of about 500m, divided into many floors and niches; each niche has its beauty, stimulating the imagination of visitors.

Glistening stalactites hang down from the cave ceiling, leave,-leave-like curtains and ant sasand-toneillars firmly support the ceiling, creating a majestic space. There are stalactites shaped like animals, flowers, and fairies, which surprise visitors with nature's talent.

Unique highlights in Mo Cave Luang

  • The "Bodhi Tree" stone pillar is one of the most beautiful stone pillars in the cave, and it is the same shape as the Bodhi tree in the cave—legend, symbolizing enlightenment and purity.

  • "Terraces": Stalagmites are stacked layer upon layer, creating a unique, miniature image of terraced fields.

  • "Buddha statue": A stalactite shaped like a sitting Buddha meditation, radiating purity and peace.

  • "Silver Waterfall": Small streams of water flow down from the cave's ceiling, forming waterfalls. Sparkling, fanciful "silver waterfall."

Attractive tourist experience at Mo Luong Cave

In addition to discovering the strange beauty of the virtual cave, visitors to Mo Luong Cave can also participate in many other attractive tourist activities, such as:

  • Trekking: Explore trails around the cave, conquer Pu Kha Peak, and see the panoramic view of Mai Chau Valley from above.

  • Visit the village: Visit Mo Luong village, learn about the culture and customs of the Thai people, and enjoy unique traditional dishes.

  • Take a photo: Capture beautiful moments in the cave and keep memories of the trip.

Notes when exploring Mo Luong Cave

  • Wear appropriate footwear: You should wear sports or climbing shoes to move in the cave quickly.

    Bring a flashlight: The cave has many dark corners; you must bring a flashlight to ensure safety.

  • Maintain general hygiene: Do not litter, protect the environment in the cave.

  • Respect local culture: Dress politely and respectfully towards local people.

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