Saigon Skydeck
Saigon Skydeck

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Saigon Skydeck is one of the most premium attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, a must-see destination for visitors who want to admire the panoramic beauty of the city from above. With a height of nearly 300 meters and a panoramic view of the entire city, Saigon Skydeck is not only a tourist destination but also a wonderful spatial experience for all visitors.

Location and History

Saigon Skydeck is located on the 49th floor of Bitexco Financial Tower, one of the tallest and most beautiful buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. This building was completed in 2010 and quickly became a new symbol of the city.

The construction of Saigon Skydeck is part of Ho Chi Minh City's urban development plan, to create a modern highlight and attract tourists to visit and experience.

Travel Experience

When visiting Saigon Skydeck, visitors will experience the following:

  1. Panoramic View: From Saigon Skydeck, visitors can admire the panoramic view of Ho Chi Minh City from above , with vast views and open space.

  2. Enjoy Beautiful Scenery: Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city, with the Saigon River Curving and skyscraper buildings create a unique colorful picture.

  3. Commemorative Photo: Use the opportunity to Take impressive and memorable photos from above, with natural light and unique space.

  4. Enjoy Drinks and Dining: Saigon Skydeck also has a bar and restaurant on the upper floor, where visitors can enjoy drinks and delicious food while admiring the beautiful views of the city.

Cultural Importance

Saigon Skydeck is not only an entertainment tourist destination but also a symbol of the development and modernization of Ho Chi Minh City. It represents Vietnam's progress and inclusive spirit in the new era, while giving visitors a new and unique view of the city.

Saigon Skydeck is a landmark A destination not to be missed when traveling to Ho Chi Minh City. With sweeping views and modern spaces, this is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty and development of the city from above. Don't miss the opportunity to experience Saigon Skydeck on your journey!

Traveler Reviews

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very tasty food, amazing arae to visit.
It was a beautiful sunny day. You could see for miles.
photoreview-Ricky Hemingway-0
photoreview-Ricky Hemingway-1
photoreview-Ricky Hemingway-2
A very nice place. The place is in the 42nd floor, and pretty much all of Saigon can be seen from here. There isn't much to do though, you just have to see the city and come down. The place is well lit and it has binoculars as well for anyone who wants to see the buildings up close. There are other buildings in the surrounding under construction, which are likely to obsruct the view in the near future.
photoreview-Lalit Pandey-0
photoreview-Lalit Pandey-1
photoreview-Lalit Pandey-2
photoreview-Lalit Pandey-3
photoreview-Lalit Pandey-4
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photoreview-Lalit Pandey-6
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photoreview-Lalit Pandey-8
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photoreview-Lalit Pandey-13
Einfach nur unglaublich
A legszebb kilátás a városra, 360 fokos körpanoráma
photoreview-Géza Urr-0
photoreview-Géza Urr-1
photoreview-Géza Urr-2
photoreview-Géza Urr-3
Leider schon länger geschlossen. Aber in der 49.sten Etage runter zu schauen hat was.
I think tickets are 220k and it opened at 10am. They take a photo of when you go in. To try get you to buy this green screen photo I think it was for 140k we didn’t want that. The view was great.
photoreview-jake gulbranson-0
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-0
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-1
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-2
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-3
photoreview-Chen Ting-Ching-4
Sehr schöner Ausblick und nicht zu teuer um hochzufahren.
photoreview-Hendrik Freitag-0
photoreview-Hendrik Freitag-1
photoreview-Hendrik Freitag-2
Muy buen lugar,.me generaba más expectativas. Limpien los vidrios por fuera.
개빛우요 돈 개 앆아움 근양 로떼 타우 갓에요
Just go and
Great view, although sometimes the smoke coming from the rural areas can obstruct a clear view.
Great views across the city.
Great view. Very clean. A lot to discover
photoreview-Markus “Longy” Long-0
photoreview-Markus “Longy” Long-1
photoreview-Markus “Longy” Long-2
Wunderbarer Ausblick über die Stadt. Der Eintritt lohnt sich. & es gibt ein Wasser
photoreview-S. Steffpibln-0
Faszinierende Ausblick
photoreview-Peter Kensy-0
photoreview-Peter Kensy-1
photoreview-Peter Kensy-2
photoreview-Peter Kensy-3
photoreview-Peter Kensy-4
photoreview-Peter Kensy-5
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photoreview-Peter Kensy-7
photoreview-Peter Kensy-8
Highly recommend visiting around sunset. Amazing views of HCMC and all its traffic and big city energy. Loved it!
This is one of iconic building in Vietnam you should not miss to visit. From the Skydeck you can see 360 panorama of Ho Chi Minh City. It's good if you be there at afternoon around 6pm where you can see the city on day time and few moment later you will see the city with lights.
photoreview-Ahm5ruZ MJ-0
photoreview-Ahm5ruZ MJ-1
photoreview-Ahm5ruZ MJ-2
It is a pretty different view of the city and a nice break from the chaotic environment of the streets.
photoreview-Theo Chao-0
photoreview-Theo Chao-1
Не так высоко как в landmark81, но виды открываются отличные, а в чем то даже лучше, за счет меньшей высоты. Посетите оба места, денег своих стоит, когда еще сюда вернешься. На смотровой площадке можно купить сувениры, хоть и дорого.
photoreview-Dmitrii Miasnikov-0
photoreview-Dmitrii Miasnikov-1
photoreview-Dmitrii Miasnikov-2
photoreview-Dmitrii Miasnikov-3

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