Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre
Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

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In the heart of Hanoi, where the rich tapestry of Vietnamese culture comes to life, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre stands as a captivating testament to the nation's ancient art form. As travelers navigate the vibrant streets of the city, a visit to this unique and storied venue promises not just entertainment but a vivid immersion into the country's folklore, traditions, and the enchanting world of water puppetry.

Origins of Water Puppetry

Water puppetry, known as "múa rối nước" in Vietnamese, has deep roots in Vietnamese folklore, tracing its origins back to the Red River Delta. Emerging as a form of entertainment for rural communities, water puppetry evolved into a highly sophisticated art form that seamlessly blends puppetry, music, and storytelling.

The puppeteers, hidden behind a bamboo screen, skillfully manipulate the puppets through the water, creating an illusion of movement on the liquid stage. The puppets themselves are crafted from wood and lacquered to withstand the water. Each puppet is a work of art, meticulously designed to convey both realism and expressiveness.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Nestled in the heart of the Old Quarter of Hanoi, the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre has been enchanting audiences since its inception in 1969. The theater is not merely a venue for performances; it is a cultural oasis that preserves and celebrates the traditional art of water puppetry.

The exterior of the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is unassuming, with a façade that echoes traditional Vietnamese architecture. Yet, as visitors step inside, they are transported into a world where the ancient and the contemporary coalesce. The theater is designed to accommodate both local spectators and international travelers, making it an accessible portal to Vietnam's cultural heritage.

A Symphony of Puppets

As the curtain rises on the water puppet stage, a symphony of puppetry unfolds. Traditional Vietnamese music, performed by a live orchestra, sets the tone for the performance. The puppeteers, concealed behind the screen, bring to life an array of characters that dance, swim, and even breathe fire on the aquatic stage.

The stories told through water puppetry often draw inspiration from Vietnamese folklore, legends, and daily life. From tales of mythical creatures to narratives depicting rural activities, the performances provide a window into the cultural soul of Vietnam.

Skillful Puppetry Techniques

The puppeteers, with years of training and expertise, masterfully manipulate the puppets through the water. Each movement is synchronized with the live music, creating a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience. The puppets gracefully glide, twist, and twirl on the water's surface, defying the limitations of their aquatic stage.

The Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre typically offers multiple performances throughout the day, making it convenient for travelers to include this cultural experience in their itinerary. The shows last around 50 minutes, providing a concise yet immersive introduction to water puppetry.

Tickets can be purchased at the theater or through reputable tour operators. It's advisable to book tickets in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure preferred show timings.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatr is central location allows for easy access from various parts of the city, making it an ideal stop for those exploring the Old Quarter.

For the curious traveler yearning to uncover the essence of Vietnamese culture, a visit to the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is more than a performance; it's a journey into the heart of tradition. As the water puppets gracefully dance and the live music resonates through the theater, spectators are transported to a realm where storytelling transcends language barriers.

The Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre serves as a living repository of Vietnam's cultural heritage, preserving the age-old art of water puppetry for future generations. For travelers seeking not just entertainment but an authentic connection with the soul of a nation, the water puppetry experience at Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre is an unmissable adventure into the enchanting world of Vietnamese folklore.

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한번은 볼만해요 부모님이랑 관람해서 앞자리로 예약해서 봤어요 평일 11시쯤 가서 현장 예매했어요 두 번째 줄 마음을 비우고 보세요 웃음 포인트도 있고 나름 재밌어요 부모님도 중간중간 웃으시면서 보시고 좋아하셨어요 통역기는 이용 안 하고 순서만 봐도 다 이해됩니다 패키지로 오시는 분들이 정말 많아요 첫쇼 보고 나왔는데 관공버스에 사람에 진짜 많이 몰려있었어요
The show is for 50min aprox. The time files when you are here. The folks who perform an an absolute bliss. The artists in the front with the music and singing and the artists behind the screen who controls the puppets are really skilled. The story is the local Vietnamese language. However, you can obtain the translation devise at 50.000VND per person. The seating arrangements are super visible and the price is different for each section. Its better to directly book at the venue as the price is less compared online. Since the shows are mostly booked i recommend to book the tickets the day you land in Hanoi. Overall a complete entertainer. Thank you, Thang Long Water Puppet Team. You Rock !!!
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photoreview-Charles Bruno-7
Something different that others theatres. Worth to see.
photoreview-Krzysztof Habowski-0
photoreview-Krzysztof Habowski-1
photoreview-Krzysztof Habowski-2
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photoreview-Krzysztof Habowski-4
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photoreview-Krzysztof Habowski-7
Ein Besuch auf jeden Fall der Wert.
photoreview-Stefan W-0
Khá đẹp
생각보다 볼만해요~ 맨뒷자리도 잘 보여요~
Well worth a look, especially if you have kids.
photoreview-Michael Brown-0
photoreview-Michael Brown-1
Mega fed oplevelse. Meget specielt, må oplevelse. Kan kun anbefale
photoreview-Isabella Vittoria de Caria-0
Love it! Fui 2 veces a verlo. La música es muy bonita
Great performance!
Amazing show!
굿굿 이왕이면 VIP석 사세요 별로 가격차이 안나는데 코앞에서 봄! 신기한 악기들 많고 한국어 오디오는 별도구매 안했는데 그거 없어도 꽤 인상적이었음 근데 도대체 어떻게 물 밑에서? 인형을 조종하시는건지 너무 신기함 누구 붙잡고 여쭤보고 싶었음
The best time to see the show is 6.30 pm that after 50 mins show you can go to Hanoi train street to see the train coming @8.30 pm... Best way to buy tickets is through Agoda... You will find their person standing next to the ticket counter waiting with your saves time and hassle to stand in line for tickets
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photoreview-sanjeet yadav-2
Very good show
Незвичне, як для європейця, місце. У нас не буває театру на воді. Дуже сподобалося, що пісні і музика були у живому виконанні.
Incroyable spectacle à ne pas rater lors de votre visite de Hanoï
Très bon expérience
photoreview-Sébastien Alliot-0
Great place and a great show. But do buy the ticket before the screening to avoid crouds
If you can buy your tickets the day before get front row seats
photoreview-Cindy Greenfield-0
photoreview-Cindy Greenfield-1
Beautiful show, well produced
photoreview-Hendrik Kruger-0
Incredible and historical view of the Vietnamese people from a highly artistic and creative medium. This is an absolute must see in all of Vietnam.
너무 만족했습니다! 가격도 비싸지 않고 베트남어 몰라도 전혀 상관없었어요 인형극 넘 귀엽고 라이브 연주들도 매력있어요 하루 전날가서 미리 티켓팅하세요 자리 선택을 직접해요 최대한 앞자리 젤 비싼걸루
A voir absolument, quelle mise en scène et pénétration par le spectacle de la vie vietnamienne. Waow
Would DEFINITELY recommend- amusing cultural experience. Lovely music traditional instruments, Vietnamese singing, and emotive use of water puppets. Little vignettes of vietnamese life. Recommend arriving early as they do require you to sit in the seats you purchased even if there appear to be open seats, meaning having to inconvenience the others already sitting down and walk in front of other people (we had to stand up 2x for late groups to get their seats)
photoreview-Marianne Gross-0
클룩으로 예매했고 너무 재밌었다.(하루전까지 취소 가능) 초등 딸들도 재밌었다고 한다. 오디오 가이드는 없이 봤는데 한국어 팜플렛에 적힌 순서 보면서 보면 다 이해가 간다. 뒷자리 일반석 끊었는데도 잘보였고 여자분들 노래부르면서 하시는데 노래를 너무 잘부르고 연주도 멋졌다. 첫타임 4:30에 봤는데 보고 나오니 밖에 대기하는 사람들이 엄청 많아 붐벼서 놀랬다. 서양인들이 되게 많이 본다. 첫공연보길 잘했다. 화장실은 1층에 있으니 미리 다녀오길~~^^
Great show, seats could have some more leg room though.
Przedstawienie w języku wietnamskim co nie przeszkadza w odbioy. Piękna muzyka i niesamowite, nieznane Europejczykom instrumenty. Przedstawienie nie trwało długo. Polecam serdecznie
Món quà dân gian nhất định cần trải nghiệm ít nhất 1 lần
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-0
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photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-8
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-9
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-10
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-11
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-12
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-13
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-14
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-15
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-16
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-17
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-18
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-19
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-20
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-21
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-22
photoreview-Vì Một Cộng Đồng Khoẻ Mạnh.-23
Novel presentation and high entertainment value
photoreview-Qing Feng-0
photoreview-Qing Feng-1
photoreview-Qing Feng-2
photoreview-Qing Feng-3
tempat hiburan untuk menikmati aktrasi theater boneka diatas air. sayang gk ada terjemahan nya
Nous ne savions pas trop à quoi s'attendre, et l'expérience à été plus que positive ! Un spectacle à la fois beau, intéressant, drôle. Nous n'avons pas pris l'audioguide mais le petit papier a l'entrée à suffit à comprendre l'histoire. Les musiques traditionnelles sont jouées en direct,c'est très beau, je recommande. S'il y a écrit qu'il n'y a plus de places pour ce jour, demandez quand même à l'hôtesse à l'accueil, elle nous a trouvé 2 places cote à côte au dernier moment !
This really exceeded my expectations. You don’t need to pay 250,000 vnd for the closer seats — I found that the room was pretty small and we all kind of got the same view. The live performance on either side of the stage by the musicians was amazing and the water puppets were surprisingly really fun to watch! The program was a really good length and transitioned between performances quickly to keep good attention. Overall really great!!!!!!
Excellent show to experience Vietnamese performance. Some people have audio guides but we didn't and understood what was going on. Can book tickets anytime at their kiosk which is cheaper than via agents but book in advance for good seats.
photoreview-Miles Tuley-0

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