Thanh Ha Pottery Village
Thanh Ha Pottery Village

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Thanh Hà Pottery Village, located near the historic town of Hội An in Vietnam, stands as a testament to the country's rich cultural heritage. This ancient village, known for its unique pottery-making traditions that date back to the 15th century, offers a fascinating glimpse into the artistry and history of Vietnamese craftsmanship.

Historical Significance

The village was established during the reign of the Nguyễn Dynasty and quickly gained fame for its high-quality pottery products. These were not only essential for daily use but also became sought-after items for trading, contributing significantly to the local economy. The village's proximity to the Thu Bồn River made it an ideal location for trading, allowing the artisans to export their products to various regions, thus spreading their fame far and wide.

The Art of Pottery Making in Thanh Hà

What sets Thanh Hà Pottery Village apart is its traditional methods of pottery making, passed down through generations. The artisans here use local clay, which is known for its durability and fine texture. The entire process, from preparing the clay to firing the finished products, is done by hand, reflecting the skills and dedication of the local craftsmen.

Unique Products and Designs

The pottery products of Thanh Hà are diverse, ranging from everyday items like pots, pans, and vases to intricate decorative pieces and sculptures. The designs often reflect elements of Vietnamese culture and nature, with motifs such as dragons, phoenixes, and local landscapes being popular themes.

The Pottery-Making Experience

Visitors to Thanh Hà Pottery Village have the unique opportunity to witness the pottery-making process firsthand. Workshops conducted by experienced artisans offer a hands-on experience, where one can try their hand at the potter's wheel and create their own pottery pieces.

Preserving Tradition in the Modern World

Despite the challenges of modernization, Thanh Hà Pottery Village has managed to preserve its traditional techniques. This commitment to tradition not only keeps the village's cultural heritage alive but also attracts tourists from all over the world, keen on experiencing this authentic slice of Vietnamese culture.

The Impact on Tourism and Culture

The preservation efforts and the increasing interest in traditional crafts have turned Thanh Hà into a significant cultural tourism destination. The village not only contributes to the local economy but also plays a crucial role in promoting Vietnamese culture and heritage on an international level.

Thanh Hà Pottery Village is more than just a tourist attraction; it is a living museum of Vietnamese craftsmanship and culture. Its continued existence and popularity serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving traditional arts and crafts in an ever-changing world.

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Very good experience, wonderful part of Hoi an which deserves more recognition
Spettacolare. Consiglio è davvero molto grande non è sufficiente un giorno per girarla tutta.
Super activité avec les enfants.
Đơn giản chỉ là một làng nghề gốm thủ công của người dân nơi đây nên chưa có nhiều hoạt động lắm. Ở đây các bạn có thể biết được quy trình tạo ra những bình gốm từ lúc lấy đất sét lên đến tạo hình rồi cho vào nung trong lò với nhiệt độ khoảng 1000 độ sau đó cho ra những tác phẩm từ đất rất tuyệt vời. Các bạn có thể mua vé để đi công viên với 55k rất nhiều địa điểm check-in tuyệt vời…
photoreview-Chien Le-0
photoreview-Chien Le-1
photoreview-Chien Le-2
photoreview-Chien Le-3
Nice place to get your hands dirty to create something simple yet satisfying
photoreview-Gurce Isikyildiz-0
photoreview-Gurce Isikyildiz-1
photoreview-Gurce Isikyildiz-2
陶器博物館,有許多有趣的作品以及專業的講解,適合與家人一同旅遊參觀。 可以自行製作陶土,體驗手拉胚。
Nice place to cycle round. Suggest getting a ticket then can try your turn at the pottery wheel in some of the shops. Nice gifts they gave us (if you buy a ticket). We also bought some ceramic tea diffusers and coffee percolators, which are very cute
도자기마을 흥미로운 곳 롯데관광을 통해 패키지여행을 했는데 관광만으로도 기부가 되는 곳이라고 소개받음 피리같은 동물인형 받음
A bit touristy but still worth going, for 35k vnd ticket you can join pottery shows and even try to do some of it yourself + you get a souvenir from a gift shop
Had fun exploring this gem in hoi an, love the cultural experience, really nothing like this in the world !
Hands on experience of pottery making. Note, you should walk around the village first rather than going to the first place you see as you can make many different things (wheel pottery, whistles, masks etc) in different locations. They will ask if you want to fire and buy after making, but you can say no, or maybe just take one for the whole group, then make something else at another spot.
photoreview-Sam Triglone-0
photoreview-Sam Triglone-1
Really cool place to visit - you can try your hand at making pottery on the wheel or buy some cool gifts
볼거리가 많아요!!
If you find a good shop, that can be a really good experience to do some pottery, cooking it and painting it.
photoreview-chris dub-0
Chouette village de poterie. Vous pouvez essayer gratuitement. Ou alors réaliser une confection pour la ramener en souvenir contre une petite somme d'argent. Activité sympa et petit cadeau en bonus
photoreview-Amélie LE FLEM-0
Tourist point, but fun to explore. You got souvenir at the end of your trip there ( a small animal statute). You can experience in making pottery too. Ticket is cheap, parking lot around (5,000vnd/1)
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-0
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-1
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-2
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-3
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-4
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-5
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-6
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-7
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-8
photoreview-Hậu Trần Thiện-9
Magnifica esperienza!
Had an amazing experience at Hoang Hoa Pottery Experience. The lady was very kind, speaks good English and the kids really enjoyed themselves painting and making pottery.
photoreview-Sean Seah-0
photoreview-Sean Seah-1
photoreview-Sean Seah-2
35 000 l'entrée avec une petite poterie offerte. Beau petit village pour expérimenter la poterie !
There are many different pottery houses but the one I went to was at the very back and than turn right and walk to the end. The young lady there was really nice and it was super enjoyable. She was very nice and let my baby niece paint a clay structure. At the end of the experience after you leave, you get souvenirs depending on the amount of tickets you bought.
Có bán vé ở cổng, giá 35k, đi vào trong có thể trải nghiệm làm đồ gốm, có thể mang đem về luôn, trải nghiệm thì không tốn tiền nhưng đem nung, sấy xong đem về thì có tính phí, RẤT ĐÁNG ĐI!!
photoreview-Tiến Đạt Đặng-0
photoreview-Tiến Đạt Đặng-1
photoreview-Tiến Đạt Đặng-2
photoreview-Tiến Đạt Đặng-3
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photoreview-Tiến Đạt Đặng-5
photoreview-Tiến Đạt Đặng-6
Great and quiet place

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