Ta Phin village
Ta Phin village

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Ta Phin village, a small village located about 12km from Sapa town center, is a destination not to be missed for tourists who want to explore the cultural beauty and traditions of ethnic minorities in Vietnam.

Famous for its majestic natural landscapes and unique culture of the Red Dao people, Ta Phin Village offers a colorful and meaningful travel experience.

Explore the Cultural Beauty in Ta Phin Village

Traditional Embroidery and Dyeing Art

Ta Phin village is famous for the traditional embroidery and fabric dyeing arts of the Red Dao people. Visitors have the opportunity to admire exquisite hand-embroidered works and learn about the process of dyeing fabrics with natural herbs. Hand-embroidered products such as bags, scarves and traditional costumes are not only meaningful souvenirs but also reflect the talent and cultural identity of the Dao people.

Customs and Festivals

The Red Dao people in Ta Phin village preserve many traditional customs and festivals. Visitors can participate in cultural activities such as the dragon dance festival, listen to folk tales and enjoy local cuisine.

Homestay Experience

One of the best ways to experience cultural life in Ta Phin Village is through a homestay. Staying overnight at a local people's house, visitors will have the opportunity to better understand daily life, customs and enjoy traditional dishes.

Notes When Visiting Ta Phin Village

  • When visiting the village, please respect the customs and lifestyle of the people. Avoid affecting their daily activities and always ask permission before taking photos.

  • Attire: Wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the mountain weather.

  • Necessary Equipment: Bring enough drinking water and snacks if you plan to walk around the village.

  • Participating in cultural activities and experiences will help you gain a deeper understanding of the local community and culture.

  • Support the community by buying handicraft products made by the villagers themselves. Not only is this a great way to preserve memories, but it also helps support the local economy.

Ta Phin village is not only a tourist destination, but also a place to explore and experience the unique culture of the Red Dao people. From hand embroidery to cuisine and lifestyle, everything here is imbued with culture. Come to Ta Phin Village to explore, learn and share these rich cultural experiences.

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Tả phìn là một xã cách trung tâm 12 km về hướng Lào cai tả phìn có một điểm mạnh đó là tắm lá thuốc người dao đỏ và có hang động và tu viện cổ của pháp từ những năm 1930 và khu treck in chụp ảnh ngay cạnh nhà thờ rất rộng rãi tả phìn có đường rộng 6m nên rất thuận lợi cho xe ô tô đi lại và đi ngắm cảnh
Thời tiết đẹp, khí hậu mùa hè rất mát, dễ chịu.
Ta phin rat dep thu hut nhieu khach du ling
Đẹp và yên bình.Mội tội nạn chèo kéo du khách vẫn xảy ra

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